Help bug despawn slave

hello we had a problem on our official server last night, after making the appearance of the T4 slaves, having put them in the wheel of suffering, they all disappeared … we taming at 4am French time, do you have a solution to recover them and not have wasted time on your game unnecessarily? Thanks a lot to you. pseudo in game: ASTRUAH

PvP server? Your wheel is open for everyone to loot, maybe someone stole them?

Hey , what type of server are you playing on PVP , PVE , PVE-C ?

also can you give us more details , like what disappeared ? the thralls that were in the wheel ? the wheel itself ?

have you checked your event log ? ( esc , event log , tick the boxes and set the distance then press submit button on the bottom right )

having more information would help us :wink:

yes it is an official pvpqur isle of siptah server, yes we have checked the information log. we recovered from the wheel of slaves t3 t4 at 4 a.m. (no more attack possible) and at 5 p.m. we just recovered the slaves t3 but the t4 had disappeared, nothing in the log, no broken wall and anyway not more attack before 6 p.m.,

it is as if they had never existed, except we brought back 5 slaves t5, carpenter, fighter, … the wheel is completely closed and access is possible

we think that the www clan of server 6003 is exploiting bugs, to teleport slaves to the bases and maybe go under the map, please check.

It contains information about how to properly report exploits.



thank you for the recorded message but I am not coming to inform of a bug, I am coming to know how to recover the t4 slaves that we lost due to bug or cheat which easily took us 10 hours in the maelstrom and 1 hour of taming for holdings. we don’t have a mod it’s one of your official servers PC

mhm have you read the disclaimer at the end ?

Long story short, unfortunately, you won’t get any items/thralls restored to you if you are playing on official servers:

From the link posted by Kanza1:

Conan Exiles does not offer MMO-Like in-game support, and as such we won’t be able to refund or return any loss of materials, inventories or any kind of in-game property caused by admin intervention, infractions or other losses caused by gameplay.

Okay fine, so if someone comes to tell you about a bug or cheat being used on the 6003 EU PC server, you’re not going to do anything? I paid a game and some dlcs to have a follow behind. I know this new update is not completely finished and that some bugs are still present, I just ask you to check this to recover what we lost due to bug or cheat used.

it’s nonsense, if it’s not a bug it is that players can cheat on that server and no one will budge about it. thank you for responding, good luck

you are mistaken forum users , we are not funcom employees , we can just tell you the best way to report things in order to be heard if you want to report a bug / exploit do it as they ask and folow the procedures , our links should provide you enough information to do it ! have a good day otherwise

( also we are sunday , so best you will get a response monday on tuesday from funcom employees since it’s the weekend )

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good game ! the official 6003 server died thanks to a team that cheats and nobody does anything, teleportation of slaves to the base 10 heights above the ground, base under the map, … in 4 days they destroyed the 4 biggest teams from the server, normal with our t4 slave. good game