Help Building bug

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug Misc]
Region: [Messenger’s Respite]

[I’ve built a base of multiple buildings in “Messenger’s Respite”, using the "Blood ‘n’ Sand DLC. However two are are having issues when ever i load in. The first building is a tower (found on YouTube “Conan Exiles Tutorial - Round Towers with External Spiral Stairs - Part 3” 2017) 2 arena wedge tiles on 4 floors crash down on loading. Also a large rectangle building loses 8 arena wall tiles on loading in. both buildings same issues each time, there seems not to be a problem replacing said tiles once i’m playing.

Revision (#150208/22316
Not sure how to fix ]
p.s. i hope i did this right.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Try to use a repair hammer to check stability on the pieces that fall…

Good advice, totally forgot about that hammer. those tiles were reading 0 for stability. the thing is I’ve built this tower multiple times with the other DLC’s no issue. so sadly now i have a ring of pillars in my throne room.

Now as for my other building, every one is reading 100 for stability :crossed_fingers: that it can get figured out.

Hello @Avalona, thank you for reaching out!

Does the issue only occur with the Blood and Sand DLC building pieces?

Do they show different stability values than the exact same construction but using other pieces?

Thus far only Blood ‘n’ Sand. with the tower i mentioned I’ve built it with all the packs at various times.

When i get on again i’ll try swapping out the Blood ‘n’ Sand walls with another style and do a loading test to see if they stay up on my rectangle building.

On a side note regarding the - YouTube video “Conan Exiles - Beastmasters Tower (Speed Build)” the awning windows used in it, can no longer be done. was this done purposely or accidentally do to patch ?

Update regarding rectangle building - tried replacing the 8 or so Blood ‘n’ Sand wall pieces with Black - Ice wall pieces, quit game, restarted same wall pieces missing. stability read 100.

Update regarding Tower building - all floor wedge pieces stayed in place after putting pillars up in just the throne room.

so ended up building an other structure to house my greater wheel of pain, so i’ll try a remodel of the building to work around the issue .

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