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:man_facepalming: It’s not a right or wrong thing, that is the part you just don’t get.

Really, explain to me how I’m “moving the goal posts”, good luck with that. I bet you don’t know what the term means do you?


This says other wise.

Argue what?

Thos right here. Since no one posting is giving actual deposition, there is no way to insure every detail is presented. We get only the one side, from the “convicted” so to speak. The saying in prison is “everyone in here is innocemt” more as a joke than truth.

Do you even think when you type? Have you read anything? Clearly not, and there is no point in going any further if you dont even attempt to read what I said.

I started with the point “Funcom doesnt stick with their ToS ban lengths for land claim and here is the proof” Then I get slammed from people who enjoy arguing with me about that, saying Im wrong and dont understand it.

When I say what you are talking about has nothing to do with what I did, you change it to something else.

Its a shocker, I know, right?

No it doesnt. It doesnt even come remotely close to saying that. Knowing someone will do something or get triggered by something is a far far cry from me caring about ToS or what people think. Hard concept I know.

This proves you are doing nothing but trolling. If never said I was wrong, and that you arent arguing, there leaves little hope for anything. Now, if there was consistency in Funcom I know where youd be for the next 7 days, but we all know Funcom and consistency dont go hand in hand.

Back at ya. YOU not understanding that this is not a right or wrong question, isn’t ME failing to understand. That is on you.

So you actually have no idea what “moving the goal posts means”, thank you for confirming that.

No I don’t. This is all on you and you lacking in any comprehension. Please give me an example.
I have feeling that will get as far as you did explaining that epiphany.

You have no clue what sarcasm is do you?

And we keep trying to get it through to you there is a difference between the letter of the law and the spirit of the the law. that those are guide lines for suspensions, the actual time is a judgment call by the admin investigating. I don’t know why you just can not understand that. That concept seems far beyond your comprehension.

You knowing you were violating the TOC yet did nothing about it is all your fault. YOU knew better, so quit running down the person that reported you FOR YOUR VIOLATION. If it didn’t bother you to your core would wouldn’t continuously run them down and make them out to be the villain.

You say it doesn’t bother you yet your consistent running down of the reporter says other wise quite clearly. And you just don’t see it. It is yet something else beyond you comprehension.

Thing is you are setting there arguing away and don’t even know what the argument is. You prove it with every response. and just don’t realize it.

For what? Are you going to report me?
Now what derogatory terms were you using for people that report others for TOC violations? There is a H word for that.

do you to know of what you talk ? in all cases, and i saw so many, and even in case of the worst cheaters, i never saw any wipe of all structures. they simply erase the spot that have been reported, all other structure on map are not, and all placeable that on the spot reported that are not depending of support from a building piece will remain. it’s even why on pvp (and also pve) the meta is to report for land claim abuse smply to loot, as it will allow you later to decay vault and ez loot. now with a ban of 14 days, and a decay timer of 10 days, yes all others building will enter into decay after 10 days and so disapear (after been looted)

I agree. I’m cautious but I also like to believe what they’re saying.

There’s going to be nefarious people out there. There’s also the innocent though - that’s where my focus is on. Like myself, my friends and many acquaintances that I trust.

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Todos clicam “OK” dentro de servidor oficial em mesmo saber por que estão apertando o botão em seguida acontece algo assim que a pessoa se depara que há regras dentro do servidor sendo que o botão “OK” leva para a página que fica aqui no forum onde ao apertar “OK” você concorda com as regras isso inclui levar BAN ou até mesmo perder a conta não podendo mais jogar o jogo de forma alguma. :relieved:

Confira o link abaixo e leia as regras para não fazer novamente lembrando que também tem regras para contrução dentro de servidor oficial “público” g-portal. Caso levou BAN permanente terá que comprar outro jogo pois a licença de uso do seu jogo atual será removida…

“Por isso que o jogo conan exiles deveria ser vendido por mais de $500 dólares assim evita de um trapaceiro voltar a jogar”…

Se está em um clã com alguém que fica usando trapaças dentro do jogo todo o clã será punido!



Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude are you being so intentionally slow for a reason?

My exact reason for my first reply is exactly this. Funcom can state one thing but does others. Its not set in stone

You keep screaming and arguing I don’t understand when you cannot see what I said in my first reply (which is why I said to read it). Then you proceed to troll me for no reason with 20 replies.

When did I ever claim anything different? Me laughing about the whole thing, knowing my builds would trigger someone eventually to the point of being reported doesn’t mean I don’t understand them, or am totally innocent.

I disagree with the rules on landclaim on PvP servers. I didn’t feel it was worth my time to rebuild everything I had to satisfy a rule that can be interpreted 100 different ways that may or may not even get acted on. I left them alone and just waited. <—— that’s where the “I don’t care” comes from.

How am I “running someone down”? Reporting is anonymous. Saying I know my builds will trigger someone isn’t even close to running people down. Good lord. And you try to call me a victim.

I’m right you’re wrong you don’t understand. I can’t lay it out any clearer than I have. Best you got is me seeing a coloured wall and others seeing a different colour of the same wall.

Trolling. And no, I don’t report people. What do I stand to gain? I’m quite capable of having conversations wothout needing Funcoms help. However, when people do nothing but troll others for days on end you would think the community managers would see it and act in their own. Clearly I’m mistaken and they don’t.

You know, PvPers get a bad reputation, but at least 2/3 of us here are giving benefit of doubt to the people who put their names and rep on the line by posting about a ban. You can see the derision dripping from some other posters’ fingers: I think some of us should stop ascribing bad motives to people who played innocently and then had rules placed upon them.


The thought that they don’t see it your way never entered your head did it?

Because it’s not right or wrong, why do you not get that?

And I bet you have no idea how the way you worded that proves my point.

Once again you are using a word clearly don’t know what it means.

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Uh yes. I had all my structures wiped for over buildung, saw muktioke cases ofnit as well. I never b…tched about mine, because we built straight up to avoid a hacker and new we were walking a line for mass report retaliatiin. The others were gone. So yes i have seen more often than not the clans entire builds gone.

Well that for sure unusual, i really talk about lot of cases as i report for 5 years undermesh and skybase, so saw hundred of cases. and again it show that there is a problem of zendesk who seem to really hit hard legit player that try to survive to cheaters…

i feel your pain as i know situation on pvp server where there is no other choice than to build strong
and multiples bases to survive to cheaters and balance broken of game.

i hope that fc will react one day to situation, otherwise well karma will for their commercial future (may be some meeting to organize internally with the customer service to definte them the priority), is on official pvp problem is cheaters or legit players building ? and so what is the priority ?. do a cheater is the same than a legit player, and do a cheaters need to be more sanctionned or not ?

As usual your comments are well thought out and received.

2/3rds though is quite generous but I think you’re right. I suppose the cries of the infallibility of the ToC and the company tend to be the loudest.

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Then why did you even bother to do this back and forth crap again? Go back and tell me why Im wrong in my first reply. Ignore everything else. If Im not wrong, youve done nothing but troll me for days with things that are not important or relevant to the topic.

I said that I have proof that Funcom does not solely hand out 7 day bans for land claim like they claim to in their guidelines. So people spreading the “youll get a 7 day ban for landclaim” are wrong.

Why do you argue against that?

Exactly. Stop trolling

:coin: :fish:

Truly I was being pointed and subtle at the same time. Between you, @biggcane55 and me, that makes 3, and he’s only uncharitable because the TOS has in fact done him dirty. Thank you for the nice words, I’m really getting a lot from your contribution and those of others like @Nemisis. They’re a lot like the experiences no doubt felt by my friends who pretty much never complain. :heart:

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