Help with a player unable to access modded servers

So I have wracked my brain for a few weeks now and have gotten no were. I am hoping someone else has had a similar issue and found a way around it or a fix. One of my clan mates and the owner of the server has been unable to play on any modded server after 2 patches ago. When trying to connect to his own server he constantly gets “Failed to join Game Session” every time. After looking at the logs I found STEAM: Ticket not valid - 76561198073238080 This is what happens when he tries to log in. He has done 2 clean installed on Conan and also on all the mods. Deleted the folders that were remaining and he still can not log in. I even rearranged mods on my own server and we get the same errors but its just him and no one else. I am going nuts trying to get him back on the server he pays for with out having to do a server wipe to remove mods that the 10 of us on his server use. Any advice would be helpfull.

do you by any chance have a whitelist on your server? maybe he is not whitelisted?

or this:

There is no white list on the server at all. and thats the solution that you gave is the only one we have not tried as of yet. We have even done another clean install and it still is not working. However you remove of of one mod and he can connect but add it back and he can not. Thats when we get the Ticket not valid error. Its become frustrating.

not good with mods issues. hope someone could help. maybe the mod author?

I am hoping that I can find some solutions and I never thought of going to the mod authors to see if that was also a solution that they maybe able to help!

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