Hi, i'm newbie and need help

First placer sorry for bad english, i’m owner of one server of Conan PS4 hosted on g-portal, and i’m the admin, obviusly lol.
My question , how i can adjust the level of the rest of players? I only can modify my character under the admin panel. Is it posible? Beacuse we making events on server and i want the reward is for example one level Up.
Lot of thanks at first.

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I don’t think it is possible on PS4. Very limited access to certain admin commands due to gportal and sony not giving the db access (for security reasons). :confused:

Really? … Sony not help nothing yo comunity growth… Any item exists to gain a level or a points?

nope. Only way is set the xp gained, but that is across the board for everyone.

I have been pinging Funcom with suggestions to let admins have some more creative freedom, but it is low on their list right now.

Oh :frowning: if funcom helps the admin a litle few is fantastic beacuse it’s posible make Game bigger but in console is much limited. Can i help you to suggest funcom? Where’s the way?


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