Hi. what happened here?

i logged in my base geared up and went to volcano, farmed some gold and went back to base only to discover my base disappeared. i filed a bug and got no response , i try to login today and get this

im preventing access to resources or building spots apparently in the water

why did they lie and do me like this?

my base was there years. i had 100s of legendaries, 100 named thralls, i had 400,000 treasure total , 1200 dragonpowder. i was getting ready for age of war farming gold everyday now all my progress is lost

Good morning ; You were suspended for the duration indicated on the message (07/27). Players have reported you for violating the rules .
. to know these rules applied on the official servers.règles des serveur Funcom

Since you have been temporarily suspended, there is nothing you can do except be patient. I’m sorry for your misadventure and wish you a good day

cant you see im not violating the rule in question? what am i blocking? seriously

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this is like really dirty what happened to me here . backstabbing dirty. no warning no chance to fix it and then lying about the reason for the stabbing

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Isn’t that where the secret entrance to the black keep is?
Sure looks close.

No, that is quite a bit farther north. It is also a no-build zone.


Ask yourself: what is going on? ………… I am content to answer you according to the information at my disposal (the screenshot).
It is not me who sets the rules and even less who applies them, like you I am a player subject to these same rules.
That you consider this to be unfair, I can perfectly understand it but I am not responsible for your situation.

You could still submit a ticket to centre d’aide but I highly doubt they will respond to you since you are simply suspended for a limited time. moreover without wanting to lack empathy this forum is not the right place to solve your problem. règle du forum

I Cant think of any rule he break by building here? anyone know?+

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Is that where the underwater ghost appears? I’m guessing it isn’t, because I would personally find it annoying to build on top of that and then hear the ghost sound every time I entered my base, but I thought I would ask.

Going back to the original question:

My guess is that they have canned messages for broad categories of infraction. If it’s a building-related TOS violation, they’ll slap that one and not worry about the actual details.

That’s the most charitable theory I have, but it’s also possible that someone incompetent made a wrong decision, or that it was an abuse of power. A week ago I wouldn’t have thought so, but I’m now more inclined to believe it’s likely than I used to.

To add insult to injury, since this is a temporary suspension and not a permanent ban, they won’t even allow you to appeal it, and they don’t offer any way to find out what the actual infraction was, in (useful) detail.

Long story short, all you have left as a recourse is to shout into the void on these forums :frowning:



You shout “why was I suspended?!”

You get back “I don’t know” in your own voice


OP welcome to mass reports, which my guess is what happened, that leads to a guaranteed admin wipe.

Of course if you rule out blocking the ghost, also, was it just the tower in the water or did it have spidering/unnecessary land claim outwards? Was there are huge outer wall? Did you have other builds? Did it block passage on the bridge?

Regardless, this system is still ridiculous.


was that ur only structure? u had any outposts scattered around the map also? maprooms ? maybe torches or decors placed on ground?
perhaps undermeshed foundations?

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Welcome to Funcom and their game called Conan.
A game where a team handles bans as a blind person that is painting.
Sadly there aint much that you can, besides still appealing your ban (Wich they wont allow, but atleast it will reach them.)
Include those same picture of your proof in it.

May i ask, did you play on a pvp, pveC or PVE server?

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Cant believe my eyes reading that you are starting to come around to what many of us have been saying for years. Im glad to see it. Not sure why Funcom does what they do but ive got clans building skybases and now undermeshing at wolf cave in highlands and zendesk/ funcom dragging their feet taking action where as the OP probably wasnt doing anything wrong intentionally and yet FC calously wipes away years of his life cold heartedly with no explanation or warning. Players deserve better than these vague rules enforced by some faceless tyrant. We need to have someone to hold accountable for these decisions yet we are told just to contact Zendesk, a 3rd party company that most likely doesnt give a pooh.
Oh well guess we should just shut up and pre order dune…

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@Funcom_Community Sempre que qualquer jogador entra no servidor “oficial”, que na verdade são públicos da G-Portal, um link para as regras do fórum é exibido

Porém, creio que as regras não se aplicam apenas à sua base. Recomendo entrar em contato com o Zendesk para esclarecer essa questão. Caso ainda não tenha lido as regras, pode conferir o limite de bases no link dentro da página de regras para servidores “oficiais” públicos

caso queira ver mais detalhes também fiz um clipe mostrando sobre as regras e construções

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Another reason to play Single-Player :notlikethis:

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It is a software they use for tickets. The ones answering these tickets are Funcom’s employees

Nope. I absolutely cannot see that because your screen shot shows literally nothing at all. For all anyone knows you may have been building across the bridge and blocking access to other players, but since there are no actual building pieces IN your screen shot there is literally no way for anyone to possibly interpret one way or another what you may have, or not have, done.

So, why were you suspended? No one on this forum can ever possibly answer your question. It is absolutely pointless to even ask. You can always try to submit a ticket to Zendesk but as others have said they usually only respond to bans, not suspensions.