Hotfix incoming? 107mb downloading



Seems like there’s some sort of hotfix rolling out to pc. I’m downloading a 106.8mb update. No word yet on steam about what it’s for.


Seems so, oddly no patch notes ?


Well, I’m sure they’re coming…


Here we go…
Must be fresh from the dev team if notes didn’t make it in time.


I downloaded 744 mb, but officials havent been updated yet.


107mb for me. Our official server will go down now.


Hopefully purge & WoP fixes with the hunger issues substantially alleviated.



Whats with the placeholder art for Thralls? I freaked out a bit thinking I’d lost my box thralls including my purge blacksmith.


Dunno what my thralls are doing… but it’s frickin’ annoying…

Edit: this happens when I make blood sausage… all my thralls rush towards me and follow me for a while…with the reacted with such alacrity when responding to an enemy attack…


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