Hour of Lion or dragon?

Oke i start with thing, i dunno where to ask it :smiley:

Soo, i found out, well not really found out, but friends showed me it, there in instagram of conan has some post about Robert E, Howard quote, about following screen i add

Time is like 3-4 days its added yesterday, so what does its actual mean? I guess right if i think the friday probably the 2.6 patch airs and this thing is either like spoiler for new haloween twitch drops or ingame haloween event? Because from this info and what i know, the internet says this quote author is Howard, but that guy is knowed as Horror Story author, but that image of instagram is a dragon banner from twitch drop, atleast looks like it…

so someone can me explain what is this tihng that now dont let me sleep until i figure out xD?

Twitch drop? Event? Update? Dlc?
Probably event :smiley: ?


I don’t have any more facts than you do, but it can be fun to speculate, so I’m going to guess they’re hinting at a new cultural dlc. My main clue for that is the ‘What’s coming up may not be a secret to some of you’ and there were some spoilers on here where people had found what looks like new armor and building pieces in the dev kit. So that makes sense to me as something ‘some of us know’.

‘The Lion banner’ to me sounds like Aquilonia, but we’ve already had (technically two) Aquilonia dlcs. Speculation has been that the next one could be Nemedia (Aquilonia’s biggest neighbour/rival) - but I’m not sure whether ‘Scarlet dragon’ suggests Nemedia or not. Another possibility that would fit with what was seen in the spoilers, if it is Aquilonia and not Nemedia, would be Gunderland (or maybe Bossonia) - that would seem to also fit with the style, and Riders of Hyboria was Poitain, which is another Aquilonian province, so provinces could be considered an option for cultural dlcs.

Howard was also the guy that created Conan - I’m not sure exactly which story the quote comes from, but it definitely comes from Conan somewhere. (Or were you saying that the website the link was on was a horror author? I wasn’t quite sure.)

Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be something cool :slight_smile:


I have seen this yesterday:


this is the web link i thinked about when i said it


Probably cultural DLC, the last ones have been great!

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That story has it all! So far:


Spoilers intentionally blurred. :crazy_face:

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We know theres already a DLC in PC version of game. (there thread showing it off)

Likely that, thou return of an Event be nice. Thou…event when were still waiting on patch for few things kinda hurts.

I wanna assume its just new DLC that was found.

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Yeah I would prefer a patch and then a dlc over a event first Halloween went a bit sideways.

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Can you point me to this thread, I missed it and cant seen to find now.
Just found it:

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