How about allowing lvl 60 characters to move servers?


Level 60 players do not need to bring their inventory to start on a new server. Being level 60 they can pretty much instantly start farming bombs and wreaking havoc.

I really don’t think the players wanting this realize how bad the downside can be or they are the ones wanting to terrorize players in new servers.

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I agree with the person who said it’s not hard to grind to lvl 60. But the jobless neckbeards hell bent on getting their jollies by zerging a server are going to do it anyway.

I’m thinking of the thousands of people who just play after work or on the weekends, who want some action, but their nearly dead server doesn’t have. For those people it would take a couple of weeks playing when they can, just to grind back to 60.

I recommend one can only transfer to another server once a month, at lvl 60, must be naked with no inventory, not in a clan, and structures they had on the old server instantly goes to decay status once they leave. At the new server, they start naked, lvl 60, in the desert.

I say give it a try. We may regret it, we may not. They can always change it later.


Not really, by the time the problem is obvious and fixed, you could’ve lost significant parts of the remaining players - who, unlike the “jobless neckbeards” are not likely to come back.

If it’s easy, it’ll be abused. That’s just a fact of online gaming.


While it is admirable to try and look out for the casual players who get bored from lack of other players or those who were harassed off, some people will always abuse any system available to them. As @Lexior1 pointed out, we had this problem in EA of people hopping servers just to make everyone quit, and they would do it again. Some folks just want to watch the world burn.


I am on my second regrind to 60 and though it is way faster it is still an absolute grindfest, if I had to leave the server I am on due to a toxic community walling off obelisks screaming the N word in global, and utilizing every exploit they can find, again I will just quit, I kind of agree with the Jobless neckbeard jibe.

if they want to sell DLC they need to keep their retention rates, retention rates means maintaining of casual players, people with jobs etc, and yes it is easy to grind to 60 if you don’t have any other commitments/have no life, so the people that will just jump from server to server as they already do and grind to 60 within 6 days proceeding to troll the server will continue to do so, very little changes in that regard other then they can wait 30 days and not have to grind instead of 6 grinding days.

but of course they could just cater to the most toxic elements of the community, allow the most immature to dominate and push people away who like to spend money on vanity gear and such, I am sure low retention rates is totally going to help keep the DLC sales afloat long term and the servers will never shut down :smile:

so the point is entirely moot because they already do that.


I have seen some private servers with Pippi offer to recreate your character if you can provide a screenshot of it. Will you get this in official servers? Nope, it allows griefers to transfer without having to start over. Can you find it on a private server? Yep, just ask any admin that uses Pippi, even if they don’t advertise it.

I just realized that today marks the 4 month anniversary of this game on the PS4…majority of the gamers like myself have no desire to regrind on another official server. Like I said earlier, I want to pvp against 25-39 other people not just 4…so if you can allow me to transfer my naked character level 60 character with nothing on my inventory as well to another official server that has more than 30 gamers on it then make it happen! For moment, I really don’t see myself playing this game any further let alone buy any more DLC until that situation is addressed. They have to look at that cause that other survival game is coming out in 3 months……

make it … once every 30 days, and make it a paid service.

and only allow to bring whatever you can hold in your inventory.


oh and it will also allow funcom to bring down some servers,… they cost money and servers with 1 player aint going to cut it.

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Without being over encumbered. :wink:

you aare leaving behind your assets, overcumbered or not… i htink its fair play. XD

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Yeah, so long as it’s not more than every 30 days and paid for, to prevent Grief Clan abuse. I could see the first move being free, just to open up a few dead servers so they can be shut down.

I called it before launch, that there would be a ton of dead pvp servers 3 months after. It is hard to retain those players with all of the salt and power struggles that goes on there.

I do not think this is a good idea all it would do is allow people to jump wipe servers jump and do it again. You would lose so many players with this option.

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Servers are dead due to these types of players so why allow them to jump toon to a active server just to pollute it like they did the dead ones. If they want to attempt to destroy another server they can lvl on that one.

paid service and cooldown maybe even longer. but funcom needs to figure it out … i mean a way to bring down dead servers without hurting too much the players.

The best way to increase server population is to fix the game. Make actual dungeons with bosses that actually need a group and team work to beat.

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Every boss in game can be solo once you hit lvl 50. And you can just run right to the bosses no challenge at all. Between there being no challenge to game other than raiding and the bugs people get burnt out too fast. If it wasn’t for my massive build project I would have moved on to another game by now myself.

No. This isn’t Ark, stop trying to make it be like Ark.


I like the idea of having server transfers being a paid for service after the first free one. It would free up a lot of dead servers, and could be another revenue stream. Maybe make it cost the same as a DLC?

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What about half or 25 percent of the price of the DLC’s?

No. Your desire is not really a reasonable ask. There are many reasons why transfering level 60s from server to server is a bad idea.

Think of the existing “ecosystem.” The parts and pieces of that exisiting ecosystem (read: alphas, existing players/clans, whatever), are always alert for new players. We even watch for which players level quickly. This gives the ecosystem time to accommodate the new players and threat introduced on the server.

If you straight up introduce new level 60s with no control, or even a limited control, that ecosystem can be disrupted rapidly with very little warning or lead time. Griefing would increase 10 fold. How/why? Because a group of 4 dedicated, toxic clanmates would be able to move from server to server with complete disruption of existing server ecosystem status quo. This would be destructive and frustrating for players, and could easily threaten the viability of populations on official servers. The potential risk and abuse of such an option tremendously outweigh any benefit.

There is nothing wrong with leveling to 60 a little bit at a time on your selected server. It’s a grind, for sure. But put in the work if you want the reward.

NOTE: I am also “that guy” who strongly disapproves of passing out steel / black ice / epic tools and gear to starter characters. Progress under your own power, and own mettle. Everyone else had to start from stone. Why shouldn’t you?