How about raising the level Cap

Is there any chance we might see the level cap increased in the future?
Would really be good to have a few more Attribute points to play with.


Agreed. I think it should be done as a reward for completing the game. Every time you complete a cycle you get to acquire 15 more levels. Soft cap at 60, hard cap at 105. And maybe higher over time.

A level cap of 100 wouldn’t be so bad. As long as they add equivalently difficult enemies to fight.

yeah they could make the enemies dynamic. So no matter what you are fighting its level is within range or higher than yours; and if you are teamed up with a lower level player the enemy appears to match their level as well because the health and damage is a percentage and not a fixed number. Also makes end game just as challenging as noob river crocks were when you first started.

I’m not so sure about dynamic enemies.

It means you can be a low level crappy player with bad gear, going deep up into the northwest where the more challenging stuff is supposed to be.

Even worse it’d mess up drops.

naw “its level is within range or higher than yours” so a level 10 cant go up north because those guys will still be way to hard. But if a level 60 is down at newb river the crocks will hit like bears.

You see this in MMOs

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In my experience, when devs try that, they struggle. They create artificial difficulty by jacking up the HP, or jacking up the damage. But it never really works out well.

WoW probably still has the best system. Fixed level ranges for different areas.

yeah but thats not entirely true about WoW; WoW is where the idea for dynamic levels came from :P. What you are referring to is the old zones of Azeroth but all the new content since MoP are dynamic.

As for artificial difficulty Funcoms already done that. Whenever the dev makes a boss harder by increasing hp or damage, making recipes more expensive or adds rare loot drops, or anything else that adds an unnesseary grind they are artificially increasing the difficulty. Its all well known shortcut tactics praised by the industry for getting the most bang out of their buck in development.

I hate scaling… (most of time)
I don’t wanna fight a wolf thats lv60 to my 60. (Base game wolves have more health then Boss Elk anyway right now )

Its what killed ESO to me, I use be-able go around1-2 shot scrub enemies to pick up lower level stuff, then one tam came out, now I gotta respec my stats or make new character if I need lowbie stuff. (or fall into the buy it people) On other side, theres little to no progression. Wolf will always be a wolf who takes insert amount of hits
Only “got good” left is getting very best gear, which is often end game only…
Its nice system… but not needed for CE. I think fact you can push areas, and die horrible works for what it is. Its abit more realistic… sorta.
few critters on the… “why you have so much health!”
This game progression falls apart 30-40’s… then boring trek to 60. (I remake alot of characters)

I wouldn’t mind 60 as softcap, and long haul till 70. (don’t even need more stats, just some craftables or perks etc)

I disagree with the suggestion:

  • Attributes: you can respec them with the potions, using differents settings for what you’re doing, I think it’s good this way without sorts of “super-god” characters with all 50.

  • Feats: fragments of power are already a way to have no caps for feat points.

I don’t think we need more than this.

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Why not just make it so we get Feat Points and more craftables every Over-Level? So like as long as it took you to go from 59 to 60 it gives you 1 feat point so you can unlock the whole feat board.

You can already get unlimited feat points with the Fragments of Power. There’s simply no need to increase the level cap.

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problem is if i run into and area from the east, level 30, you come in from west level 105 in to the same area (Let’s say Dreggs Camp). What will the spawns be. We are not working together. It will have to choose. Meeting in the middle means i will be at a disadvantage, and you will 2-3 hit everything. And we sure as hell aren’t gonna split the loot if we are farming on PVP for our clan. It is a technical nightmare to program that.

Doesnt need to be more feat points, just some form of “yays!”
Like older threads, add awards for crafting and stuff.

To me, I hate level caps, I don’t even need new stats or unlocks… just see the exp bar move as I keep playing. Even if its 60 to 61 is same as 1 to 60exp. XD

I don’t feel like quitting, cause there some form of gain, even if it does nothing.

In your interpretation you are correct. In mine you see the enemy at the level its meant to be for you, I see the enemy at the level its meant to be for me. Because the enemies health and hitpoints are percentage based. Im already doing more damage than you but on the percentage scale we are approximately equal if you arent counting buffs. Its basically like quantum mechanics inside the enemy. And frankly I cant explain it worth poo but I know how it works lol.

I didnt know that! Thanks!!!

what if after they get 100 DLC customizables they make it so if you get 1 to 60 again in fake levels it unlocks a random customizable? and gives you 1 fake level that gives you no stats

Not a prestige recap reset but just fake levels that dont do anything. 1-60 exiled levels gives you 1 perma exiled level

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