How do i justify buying a broken game to my friends

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so how do i justify buying a broken game to my friends? every patch put out breaks more of the game and isn’t being addressed in a reasonable amount of time given that their are still bugs that have been known for months. today i see a 2.7g patch, that appears to be more focused on content that i have to buy. this soon after release i’d expect it to be free given that you pushed out an unfinished game that needed several more months in development. i log in to find my wells not working again, the fish traps still broken since first release patch, my F loot all key broken, my orbs gone and all production on thrall taming reset as soon as i log out. what’s the point of fixing anything if your just going to break more in the process? i have friends that show interest in the game, until you start talking about all the problems. the lack of progress or slow progress to address them… and the focus of dev’s on more paid content than bug fixes… and purges that punish you for good base design, don’t recognize entire open fields or half an island as a spawn point just because you have a wall with a closed door to keep out rival players… and on and on… so they ask “why would i spend $40 on a broken game?” i don’t have answer for them, because their right. Bugs are to be expected in the first months of a game’s release, but you dedicate the bulk of your staff to fixes this early on, not new content. that comes after your game is actually running pretty well. half the ppl i know that bought in early access like myself don’t play anymore and refuse to come back because it’s broken. the idea that they’ll come back with new content wont work when there are new games coming out all the time or similar, well established games coming out with new expansions or bigger, better tested dlc’s. so ask, how do i justify purchasing and continuing with a broken game?

I totally understand you.
I have only one explanation Funcom does not do this game and has no idea how to fix it, only someone far behind the scenes, judging by the lack of reaction to the bugs reported here for months, the same and a huge number of new ones :frowning: