How do you choose server?

I planned to do a fresh start this weekend and I’m looking for an official pvp server preferably with low ping.

I tried to sort some servers by ping, before I joined the lobby showed 25-31 ms. Later this went up to 70 or more, and the game feels laggy and somethimes I have a random combat bugs. I’m just curious, is there any way to sort the official servers on the list to find the best ping?

(I played on Official 1313 before, there I had no issues like this)

Well… the problem in your case seems to be you choosed the server in a moment the ping was low but than it increased.

But there’s no way to have an “average ping” unless you calculate it by yourself.

For example choose a “candidate” server and choose it as preferred.

Than refresh the search for a while (a dozen times maybe) to see the ping variation.

Repeat the process until you’ll find a stable (in ping) server for your tastes.

But be also aware lag could be caused not by high ping but many other reasons, so in the end the only way to find the server suited for your best game experience is to try few hours to play on a server and seing if it fits what you’re searching.

the ping is determined by several factors. your internet connection, the connection to the server as well as how busy the server is. i would suggest looking for a server that has an acceptable ping while at medium to high capacity player wise.
also, lots of people confuse ping with fps(frames per second).
even with a low ping the game will lag if you entr areas with large or excessive buildings/bases. ping only relates to how quickly data packages can be sent from one end of the line to the other. if your playstation’s gpu or cpu cannot process the overload on graphics due to said bases, it doesn’t affect the ping, it only means that your hardware is not fast enough to process the received packages.
hope that makes sense somewhat. =]

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