How does Conan Exiles define where hecatomb will occur?

Hi there! I have a question for you. My friends and I play in PVE game mode and for twice hecatomb occurred in an old and small T1 construction far away from ours true valuable basis. That place hadn’t beds, new construction nether we walked around that area. So I can’t figured out how Conan Exiles defines where hecatomb will occur. Do you know?

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When a Purge is triggered for a clan, the server makes a list of all the claims that clan has and picks one randomly. So if you have a big castle and a small fishing shack, the Purge can spawn at either with equal probability.


o.o so if i have emmh, like one building base with materials near asagarth, and second is far away near witch queen, and one small watchtower for derketo t4 priest in tree they all can get purges??? ok i understand 50/50 on big bases… but i mean if i place 1 foundation somewhere… it will be picked as spot too? WTF? purges should aim only bases where beds are…

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