How does siege combat work?

Just asking in general.

I mean… do you attack walls and gates with your melee and ranged weapons? Or do only trebuchets work?

All fences block climbing now right, so how would you get in?

If you break a fence or wall or gate with the trebuchet… can’t they just instantly replace it and LOL at you?

I mean the idea is cool - but how’s it work? Can you prevent building for a time? Do normal hand held weapons do any kind of reasonable damage against a wall?

Melee and ranged weapons will only do 1 point of damage per hit, no matter what weapon it is. So yeah, you could swing at them as long as it takes but it’s a very inefficient thing to do.

You can use orbs or specialty arrows for small arms siege. Throw a grease orb, a gas orb, then a demon-fire orb to ignite it all to layer on some added damage. Same goes for arrows, OIl arrow, poison arrow, and explosive arrow.

You can also make explosive jars to blow through doors, walls, etc. If you’re after a fence, use arrows. On ground level, jars if you have them or orbs. Trebuchets work as well too. You can use standard rock/boulder ammunition, or demon-fire barrage (explosive ammo.)

Yes, all fences block climbing now. They can be replaced mid fight. You can also use the repair hammer as well.

There is currently no way to prevent building during a siege. You would just need to be quick, hit them hard and fast before they can prepare to repair/replace during the raid. Have a team, maybe hit them from multiple spots. Use the right items for the siege, if on a tall cliff and hard to reach. Trebuchet, or possibly arrows to take out fences. If ground level, doors are easier to take out than walls. Go for doors, plop down your explosive jars, take out the door and move to the next.

Oof. Pity there’s no way to halt building/repair. I wonder if they could make it so that a building gets “flagged” for receiving PVP damage and becomes unrepairable for a brief time? Not sure how you’d stop building… maybe make a warbanner with some kind of radius that disables it and exists on a timer before it sefl destructs?

Thanks for the answer, Optics.

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Like this idea in principle. Give the defenders a target as well.

It sucks that people can keep spamming foundations and repairing during a raid (it should be fixed to where one cannot repair recently damaged pieces for up to 5 minutes) but a work around is body spamming.

if you have someone constantly pull their bracelet in places you blow into, the body prevents replacement building pieces from being thrown down. The body spammer can also bring spare thralls too so that every time a bracelet is pulled an extra thrall is hanging around scouting in the area defending as well. This makes it to where a thrall has to be dealt with before a skinning knife can be used to clear the body.

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What they should do, is allow an attacking clan to put down something like the battleflag….but a siege flag. During that time, only sieging weapons will do damage to base parts (need more variety of siege tools here), and bombs and other explosives do no damage. It could be done on 1 hour timers, or 2 or whatever. During that time, no building or repairs can be done, forcing the defending side to either use their defenses, or rush out and fight.

The same could be said for using explosives…a raid flag goes up, but with a shorter timer. That timer only delays when you can rebuild and replace building pieces.

Another possible option, for servers with set PVP hours, is to make it so that during said PVP hours building is just flatly disabled as in purges. That would only help select servers, though.

It’s nice seeing folks add ideas for fixing this - keep 'em coming! :smiley:

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