How far you can go with oar and bone claws?

In this challenge my Bella will be a Monk!
She is allowed to have for weapons only bone claws (thank you @MarcosC) and oar!
A Monk cannot slave, so she won’t have thralls or crafters, only a horse to help her move the heavy, without a saddle!
This Monk is exiled and she must find a way out of these lands, so she must find and read all the signs to lead her craft the keystone to escape the exile lands! @Jimbo, @Oduda please help here :pray:t6:.
She must eat only insects, berries, gruel and fishes.
She is allowed to have just a horse and a tent!
She is not allowed to craft tools, she can only loot them!
The only thing she is allowed to build is…
A simple carpenter bench.
A tinkers bench.
An artisan table.
A stable.
A bed.
Weak aloe potions.
Rough bandages.
A torch.
Bone claws.
Clothing from her inventory (fiber).
If she manages to farm a hood and skelos armor, then it’s allowed to wear, but only this pieces !
She will do a run for fragments of power in the unnamed city and if she gain the knowledge for skelos armor, then she can fix an armorer bench to fix this armor!

The weapons will be both strength and agile, so I beg for attribute build suggestions!

This challenge will take place on an official server!
I will try my luck, I already search for an official low populated and low builded.

Wish me luck :grin:!

Edit! Abysmal boss needs shield and bow, so this gear must be looted, even the arrows!


Good luck. With that armor and weapons, I would go agility, vitality and gritt mostly.

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You could use blunt weapons with concussive enchants and knock out enemies instead of killing them for an added challenge


So it began!

My first kill

My first tool

My first sandstorm

I spoke with Conan, now I can search for Razmas journals and kill the queen

I spoke with Petruso so I can collect the pieces too!

Now… About additional challenge… Invisible white rhino’s count? I play on ps4, on offical server :rofl::rofl::rofl:, so

And ofcurce I was overconfident and until then I didn’t placed a bedroll and find my self in desert :wink:.



Strangling a money-ledger?

Unlawful whoremongering?

Forgive me Stelagel, but Bella doesn’t sound like a very good Monk!



You know, false accusations of this time! My Bella is a pure Monk :innocent:. She was framed because she refused to give her virginity to a Set priest and she cut his b… s and fed the dogs :wink:.


Sounds reasonable to me.


Sounds like the Bella we know and Love :heart: @stelagel @Crompox



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With a rack like that her monastic vein is not very credible… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Although bone claws are not very durable they are super easy to fix and are actually quite good. I see no reason why you cannot do it if you put time and effort into it, and you do not expect just run into large camps and maul their faces off. You need to play smart. But totally doable.


I need your help master @Oduda please!
In order to fight the barrow king with whom I speak?
Same goes with the black keep, the volcano heart and the dragon that I gain the star of champion.
Please if you could guide me on these it would be awesome.
Does the staff of turnicate helps do I’ll go and kill the abysmal and the albino bat?

The annoying staff is only useful from an rp perspective and two journey steps. Once I get it, I’ll awaken it at the Tower of Bats and leave it plugged in

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I try to create runs that will help me travel around the map and level up my character at the same time! So I won’t kill this until I collect this, or speak with this guy helps a lot to this cause. It makes the effort more RP!
So closing for today, I went in the Buccaneers Bay, collected the first piece, took the mask from Teimos, went to the sunken city to get a scale and the deep fishing recipe, find a tent in the chests of jungle and fix my first nomad station. I have the oar now, so mission completed for today

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If you have the camping set from the bazaar, you could lug that around as your base

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I didn’t buy it yet, I have the Crom coins, but I find it a bit pricey! I would pay if it had inventory slots, since it’s only decorative, the game provides tents either way :man_shrugging:. So I will buy it if it’s cheaper, or with inventory slots!

I will say @stelagel i do enjoy your challenge play throughs. You are a true champion of the game.


You cannot understand, believe how beautiful is this for me, you totally fixed my day and gave me wings and will to do more, it is so touching, so beautiful I have no words to say thank you my dear friend, I wish I could give you back half of the feeling this message of your just gave me :smiling_face::hugs:.

If I am something like it, because I am not, it’s on you, all of you inside here that constantly help me and keep my interest alive in this game! To this forum I have friends, every time I play I think of you and the conversations we will have in here. If it wasn’t you, I would probably not play this game anymore. You are my daily habit, my drug, I love you all wholeheartedly!

A gazillion thank you!!!

It actually gives you good shelter too. It would be nice if it had storage, though. I bought it immediately :smile:. I always wanted something like it. This is my new portable shelter along with the wheel crafting materials. I love how it looks too. It could also work as a bed, but I take a bedroll with me that I place strategically at the entrance.

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I noticed that you did not mention that you could build a campfire. How do you intend to cook your gruel or your fish?

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