How far you can go with oar and bone claws?

I didn’t buy it yet, I have the Crom coins, but I find it a bit pricey! I would pay if it had inventory slots, since it’s only decorative, the game provides tents either way :man_shrugging:. So I will buy it if it’s cheaper, or with inventory slots!

I will say @stelagel i do enjoy your challenge play throughs. You are a true champion of the game.


You cannot understand, believe how beautiful is this for me, you totally fixed my day and gave me wings and will to do more, it is so touching, so beautiful I have no words to say thank you my dear friend, I wish I could give you back half of the feeling this message of your just gave me :relaxed::hugs:.

If I am something like it, because I am not, it’s on you, all of you inside here that constantly help me and keep my interest alive in this game! To this forum I have friends, every time I play I think of you and the conversations we will have in here. If it wasn’t you, I would probably not play this game anymore. You are my daily habit, my drug, I love you all wholeheartedly!

A gazillion thank you!!!

It actually gives you good shelter too. It would be nice if it had storage, though. I bought it immediately :smile:. I always wanted something like it. This is my new portable shelter along with the wheel crafting materials. I love how it looks too. It could also work as a bed, but I take a bedroll with me that I place strategically at the entrance.

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I noticed that you did not mention that you could build a campfire. How do you intend to cook your gruel or your fish?

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Neither artisans bench to fix a bed or furnace to fix bricks for the stable ! Thank you for noticing it! I will place them on the list! Thank you @Oduda :blush:.

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For @Tuffman

Level 43 with racks and a stick :rofl::rofl::rofl: .


I agree.

The stick is too overpowered. It should be nerfed immediately.

Funcom you have failed us all!


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:, lmao

Now to the red mama! :smile:
With the oar!

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@Firecrow just in case you still didn’t find the goat…

She is alone up there and she has electric blue eyes :wink:


For the star of the champion I will have to kill the undead dragon in the arena! Mama takes bleeding with the fangs, it’s practically easy :wink:, but yes it’s a tough fight. This skeleton boss fight was about 18 minutes!

I said with the oar, @stelagel ! :joy:
You must go into the fight with a can do attitude. Go with a Dark Souls mind set and it will be just another run of the mil. :wink:

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It’s not impossible just wrong selection of weapon! But not impossible, it will take more or less about 25 minutes. I have done it with the stone hammer in the past and it took about 30 minutes! Now we are stronger, but my level is still low. If I had 3 perks in strength then the skeleton would fall down in less than 10 minutes. The berserker buff is really good!

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What a day…
Trying different ways in this game never fails you…
What a day…
Start with the basics…
I went on the run for Razmas journals and then I “sailed” for the abysmal. This staff is necessary to my role play, so I went for it. In the way I killed the crock too to gain the piece. The locust remains and Petruso here I come! I will add 2 more items in the list above as an edit.
So I farmed a shield and I went to the goat to loot the bow, you cannot do this boss without these items. Other than that, I like this visit and it’s a level up point, so why not

Then I went to this fellow… Level 48… I will speak more later about this fight

I had all the Razmas journals so…

It was time for the Queen

I placed this fellow in my tent and started listening to this funny guy

I fixed my stable, I brought a horse so I could call it for today, level 51 and many to do…
Yet, what a day.
Today I faced the most difficult fight ever, over 6k hours in this game I never had a fight like it, so tense, so difficult…
YES, the Albino bat! Guys and gals, if you seek for a real challenge, even level 60, fix an oar and a fiber armor and go fight this guy. This bat now is more frenzy than ever, the wings have good range but it hits non stop, it’s difficult to apply a single hit without being hitted, and it hurts, a lot. This bat with a bow is piece of cake, but with claws or oar (and fiber armor) almost mission impossible. I never had such a difficult fight so far, I had to go out of my box. Hopefully I find a small window and use it until the end, but I believe that this fight will be the most challenging fight in this session, unbelievable hard!
Try it, it’s very difficult!
See you tomorrow :grin:.


So today my first job was to go and speak to Razma! This is the one that you must do to learn about the keystone, so it’s a must in this play through!

Then the locust, but first I went to the Buccaneers Bay and bought a vegetarian meal for warming up. It gives you a fast buff of plus 40 hp but it lasts only 2 min and the disses are extremely heavy, why??? I’ll fix another topic for this I guess

Then I fixed a small tent camp on dragon mouth and took the artifact

After this I went on black keep


So all that remains it’s the star of the champion and visit Petruso to trade the pieces for a keystone!
My Bella camped over the Arena for meditation and I to my kitchen for “savouration” (my fridge is crying now :rofl::rofl::rofl:).

Level 57, I hope I will make it, soon we will see I guess :wink:.

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My apologies, I was wrong!
When you consume this plate then it provides you a buff of plus 60 hp for an hour. This that you see above was the cooperation with a buff potion that I farmed in the way. So it weights a lot yes, but it works like a buff, really good actually!

So I went to the dragon and…

Then to Petruso…

And to the chaos mouth…

This challenge took place on 3049 official server…

So my Monk Bella, with a wooden oar, bone claws and fiber armor managed to escape exile lands :grin:

The third perk in agility, combined with this armor will bring you memories of the old dodge, this was the key for all my battles, flexibility.
3 perks in grit combined with the above gives you fantastic stamina regeneration, unbelievable actually!
Strength is best than ever now, I had zero points in expertise and yet I could carry a lot, excellent attribute revamp, congratulations @den, you and your team did a fantastic job again!

@AndyB, this was for you too, I know that you love to eat correct, so in this session Bella didn’t eat meat, only gruel and fishes (and some bugs :rofl::rofl::rofl:).

To the artists of this team, I have no words again, thank you!

I envy the pc players that can play and witness your stunning job!

I enjoy it a lot once again, hope you try it too and enjoy it the same! See you soon with another challenge :wink:.


Congratulations, @stelagel !
You managed to do it in record time. I hope you had fun!
One of these days, I will try the fight with the bat with that gear. :wink:

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Fantastic thank you! No I haven’t been online for a few days so haven’t looked yet

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So I take a few days off the forums, and Stelagel manages to complete the whole game in the meantime, using only rubbish gear.

These challenges are really refreshing; there are so many ways to play the game, and too often we tend to get fixated on the “optimal” way to play. Stelagel finds more new, interesting, entertaining and challenging ways to play than the rest of us combined. I think we could all learn something from his positive flavor of madness.

Also, I totally agree about the albino bat, he’s a total jerk these days. Last time I went there I was somewhere in mid-levels, thinking how “that’s just another migame boss, easily beaten”. I ended up poke-roll-kiting it for many long minutes - heck, I ran out of aloe potions and had to run in circles while waiting for passive healing to heal me up so I could afford to take another hit if I time my roll poorly.

I suck at the game badly enough to ever get to Stelagel’s level of stunts, but it’s always fun to read his journals about the many versions of his Bella.