How much more can we endure Funcom


Official Server:

We are losing things every darn day. Gave up on the ladder, filled the roof in. Then I lost half a room of carpets and furniture. The ceiling has a hole that eats tiles while you watch.
Its a game right…
Today I lost two cupboards.
I had 8 sets of Flawless armor sets in it. The other just gold and silver, and all kinds if high value goodie.
And a keyboard…

A lot of our Halloween stuff was in one of those.
Oh yeah did I mention ALL my Epic armor.

Oh yeah, it seems my hand stuck the keyboard a tad hard, a reaction to seeing months of work gone… Dont worry, Amazon has another on the way.

Today wearing my Royal Armor, I was kilt by 2 level 1s, and a level 2.
Right after I kilt 2 level 2s and stole a named.
Set City even well geared is stupid hard, or just stupid.


How large is your base and how populated is your server? Are you on official or a rented server?

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Its an offical server, about 10-15 people on weekends 2-6 on week days.

about this big

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Hyborian Jones:

I am sorry that you are losing items. I know that can be frustrating.

I do, however, question the judgement of placing your valuable goods (flawless armor sets, gold, silver, etc.) in cupboards. For starters, cupboards are not nearly as secure as iron chests.

It sounds like to me that you are having building stability issues. Are you familiar with the game’s stability system? Is it possible that you have been “remodeling” inside of your base with the pieces supporting your ceiling tiles? Or - were some of these structures damaged by a raid or a purge?

If you are not familiar with the game’s stability system, you may want to look at some of the online guides that are available, like this one:

I would challenge you to equip a repair hammer, and check the stability score of any building blocks where you are placing your cupboards and storage chests. Any time you have a chest stored on a piece with a stability score of 20 (or less), you need to consider that that piece is at risk of collapsing if the supporting foundation pieces are destroyed or purposely removed.

In the future - you would do well to make sure that any storage placeables are placed on well-supported tiles. Or better - foundations.

I am afraid that I do not understand the issue with your keyboard. I am not sure how that is an issue with the designers of this game.


Hyborian Jones:

The first thing I see when I look at your base structure is this (and it screams at me):

You are building tier 3 structure pieces on top of tier 1 structure pieces and foundations.


This is not a good idea. Anytime you build - it is important to make sure that you perform your upgrades from the ground, up. The reason is this: you have more expensive material costs in those Khitan walls. A Khitan wall or a Khitan foundation can withstand bomb blasts from 6-9 bombs before they collapse (bomb placement, and methods depending). The Sandstone foundations will all collapse after 2 bomb blasts.

So, you are investing more expensive materials in pieces that are not properly supported or defended. If I raid, and I blow up your sandstone foundations, you stand to lose a lot in expended materials that were all resting on the sandstone.

I wish you well, Mr. Jones. And hopefully consuming some of the building guides that are available on the wiki and elsewhere will help you improve your building skills, and you will be able to better protect your items. Good luck!

More building info:


you put 8 sets of flawless in cupboards? Jeebus pyle…

What whit that? need to put them some wher! Whats youre Point?

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Sandstone seems to cause issues with lag, and so do palisades. Now i know you aren’t reporting on lag, but lag could also affect load in and rendering. And if the parts load in out of certain orders, i can see the game thinking the part that has already loaded has nothing giving it stability.
IE, ceiling tile loads in, but the walls that support it normally take 10-20 seconds to load. During that 10-20 seconds, the roof might have already “loss” stability in the games mind, so it disappears, then the wall loads in, but it is too late and you have a hole in your roof. Hope that makes some sort of sense.

But i am throwing spaghetti at this point trying to help with a theory.

Welcome to my world. I posted about this same issue whereas I lost a chest full or irreplaceable thralls (since they all have mohawks now).

And the same bug keeps on going. You need to check your event log at least twice a day to make sure nothing stealth decays.

Guys, please, @Hyborian_Jones tagged the topic with PVE: so stability issue, updating tier3 over tier1 etc. doesn’t matters at all in this specifc case.

As @Summer posted in another topic there is an issue, some placeable after last big patch don’t share the decay timer of the base where they’re placed.

It happens for random objects (for example I’ve chest placed over chests in rooms of my base never used and they’re still there after 9 months) but I lost a statue of refreshment placed on the foundations of my main base few days ago :expressionless:


This has absolutely nothing to do with these decay problems, it doesn’t make any difference what type of container you’re keeping your stuff in, if it decays it will be lost anyway!

Furthermore to make excuses to building stability is also irrelevant, these random decay issues happens to a lot of people no matter how secure or how much stability there is.
Something is bugged in the decay system/servers and it shouldn’t be happening, but it does, I also suffer from this.

I’ve tried looking for patterns and it seems like containers placed on rugs, tables, shelves etc is the most risky, but I have had an armorer’s bench decaying, but managed to save it less than an hour before it would have been gone.
I’ve also lost a ton of stuff to this random decay, a few crafting benches, chests with lots of valuable stuff inside and in one case it was a chest containing all my epic flawless armors.

For now I have given up playing on official servers and only visit my bases twice a week to keep them alive in hope they figure out what’s going on and fix it.
I think Funcom is aware of this problem and are looking into it, but it might be a hard nut to crack, besides the placement of containers on other things there’s one thing that almost always is certain and that is that it happens right after a server restart.

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You are right. I did miss that tag.

However, it is still poor practice. The structure is still at risk of getting purged, is it not?

He probably means that you shouldn’t have put them all in the same cupboard, so that, if one disappears, you wouldn’t lose all of your armours.

But then you have 20+ chest/cupboards which is making it worse over 4-5 of them. =/

I do same thing, I have my room on 2nd floor, and floor below me is 9 of them lined up with a ice box. Everytime i come home, food goes in icebox till get sorted to other 2, stone types in the one, hides to another, fangs/horns into next, dyes into that one. They get sorted to chest next workbench at later time. (when i can slap insects and grubs into fish and crab nets and crafting for period of time)

I’ve tried the 40+ chests stack on each other. (ps4 user) and we just can not do that. =/

There is a lot to take in here.

Its PvE, cupboards are just fine. No one can take any thing, if they could get in. We put chests a top the cupboards.

We did the T1 on bottom for the color. Now we will switch it to stone brick. The base is built on solid rock.
The round house on top is 100% T3, and still has parts gone.

Let me digest this information, Ill get back with questions.

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