How reliable is the camel

I need to collect thralls from my various Wheels of Pain scattered about the place, and have a camel pup cooking. Is it worth taking with me to make one long trip as opposed to several or is it potentially going to lose whatever it’s carrying and/or itself?

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Camel good.

Ive you not plane too fight ii use the camel more carry space for farming but ivve i now i go too enemy teratorium i use my 9900 live carry thrall whit a legeendary wepoen

While the camel’s inventory is huge (30 slots!), on the other hand it has low health and low armor/resistance. If you plan on making a “run” to the new place, it should work fine. Just don’t stop or engage into any fights on the way :joy:

They don’t engage into fights unless they’re very close to the enemy you’re attacking, but they might if there are several (e.g. wolf pack). I have used mine to farm material and I would always “park” it (set it to stand guard) away from possible dangers and only have it following while actually moving between places.

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