How the pop on the servers

Was wondering how the pop on the servers I haven’t played since 2013. Also are they still adding content to the game?

Don’t waste your time for AoC.

Population is still somewhat decent on Crom, no idea about Fury. And, they promised new content a few months ago, but they didn’t give any news for quite a while now, so I’m not really sure if they’re going to release it or not. :roll_eyes:

Pop is quite bad and ain’t getting better. Truthfully I see lot of newbies even on fury. Just few ago about 40 of them. The bad thing is that these people never reach to 80 or stay.

On Crom I would imagine the reason to be that nobody wants to join game to farm rf and wb and thats it
and fury… well Its quite dead and those who are left on the server are nothing but trolls and griefers, so the new player exprience there won’t be the best :smiley:

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Is it possible to fight with someone on the fury server at lower levels? Or maybe it’s a ghost valley.
I mainly mean the time of the game for European players.

Low lvl PvP doesnt exist

I see some lowbies running arround trying to kill each other on fury. Currently mostly in the level range 40-60.
They are left alone most of the times by the level 80 guys.

I miss the days of lvl 19 pvp at White Sands. Used to be a lot of people dueling, but that was back in 2014/2015…

Pop is indeed lower than it used to be, but it isn’t dead. Surprised about the amount of lowbies I see around Tortage (leveling a couple myself). Ofc some are alts like me, some are new.
Depends too on the time of day you play, weekends, weather etc. If you play a certain time and it appears low pop, it might not be that bad another time of day.

Indeed it would help if funcom came through will the content they announced in spring, or any content, or new saga or something.

Saga is NOT content. Its recycled garbage.


OR- A conjunction

  1. Used to link alternatives-

In this case, I was suggesting the low population could be helped by, these alternatives, seperated by the conjunction OR-

A. New Content
B. New Saga
C. Something else’

The use of the conjunction was purposefully placed, to suggest mutiple ways, only in my opinion that the population could be helped.

Lets add one more-
D. Aggressive marketing

The time to do aggressive marketing was with Exiles. They struck it big with that game but made 5 minute content for this with some bug fixes and didn’t bother to tie much in.

I think at this point everyone can believe there won’t be anything further significant. It’s sad but it’s the truth.

Can’t argue that. Sad for sure