How to complete the quest - to plant seeds?

How to complete the quest - to plant seeds?

Craft a compost bin. Place bone powder, plant fiber and carrion inside. It’ll produce compost.
Craft a planter. Place compost and seeds inside.

You can make bone powder by placing bones, fangs, ivory, horns, etc inside a grinder.

I won’t lie I know that is what the compost bin says your supposed to do, but I have a hard time believing it as I had one compost bin do nothing at all when I put all those in it until I tossed in a handful of insects.

I don’t know why it works now but anytime I get them I toss handfuls of insects in the compost bin just to be sure it works.

The insects are not helpful. You just need the correct amount of the materials I mentioned.

x5 Plant Fiber
x4 Bonemeal
x2 Putrid Meat

Tip: The compost bin greatly speeds up the rate at which consumables decay. So all you’re doing is making insects decay extremely quickly. If you need a lot of putrid meat, throw in all the raw meat you get and it’ll decay quickly.