How to control which purge is coming



small update… we get wolves and cimmerians on each base one type onlyI

am not really able to find the right trigger for the mammoths where exactly is your base which made frost giants and mammoths? :slight_smile:


It was here

sorry i don’t have the map location in my old datas, only this and some picts of the purge, but my character is standing on a very high rock formation, right at the entrance of the western main cimmerian camp, i’m sure you will recognize the place when you’ll get there: it’s a big pine trees forrest. There is always a single archer guarding the entrance of this camp and some guards are sometimes patrolling around as well. this the entrance of the camp where you can find 2 blacksmiths, 1 bearer and 1 carpenter in the main area.

And here is a pict of the purge when it happened ( the base was still a work in progress though )

i have also faced mammoths and frost giants at my base of the frozen lake, right next to the obelisk of the black keep.

ok so your base doesn’t seem to be on the same “purge area” as where mine was then…interesting.


At least it seems to be in the only Cimmerian Area although that is not too bad :slight_smile: we are ramping up to Level 6 again to see some named NPCs coming :slight_smile:

Which level are you running your purges? Are mammoths maybe just level 6s?


This was a purge lvl 6 near the cimmerian camp entrance.
BUT i have already had mammoths spawning for a lvl 5 and even lvl 4 purge at my base near the black keep, but WAY less mammoths than with the purge lvl 6 near the cimmerian camps.
how many active players are there in your clan again?


Were you looking for the map here?


no, but thank you very much @Xium

this one I already got and I think it is quiet useless :slight_smile: The map I am searching is the boundaries of each purge. We have our main base right at the border between northern heirs and the desert sons in the south. But we only get one type of purge there which is wolves.
The base we have now is just a very short distance from roro4066 base more in the south but there we never saw his mammoth purge we only got cimmerian purges.
So I want to know in which area the purges of the northern heirs / desert sons / mammoths and frost giants are because I want as many different purges as possible with as little bases as possible :slight_smile:

We moved today all our actions to the new base, because we got again a lot of wolve purges (I guess because we went for ressource and production still to the main base) Now all our killing and production is in the mammoth and the cimmerian area and I hope to get nice purges soon :slight_smile:

We are 2 active players and 2 who are just from time to time on because they have less player friendly wifes than mine :slight_smile: Our Purge setting is that the meter is basically all the time full :slight_smile: We had 15 and 20 as settings meens we looked at something and the purgemeter was full :slight_smile:

I had just now a visit and at the main base and the wolves attackes already killed the guards on the ground will produce more guards in the new base now to move them there hope that the commerian purge is coming soon again


you can always build a little outpost for thralls extractions + for starmetal smelting where i had my base , so you should be sure to get “mammoths purged” :rofl:


@roro4066 I think we might have found another point or 2 which influence where the purge comes…

the wolves are still attacking our ex main base and we have 2 suspects.

  • either because we used tthralls there to make the wolves skin to hide and because we used the greater wheel of paine still …
  • or our adjustments to the purge making the purgemeter full nearly all the time buffered it with “wulf area actions” that much that it virtually was full several times and tho triggered still some of the wolves purges…

we adjusted now both and hope that the cimmerians come soon because the wolves already killed all our fighter guards at the wall :slight_smile:

BTW: awesome thread with the archer / fighter thrall mechanics :slight_smile: if you want you can test if a schild / sword thrall is doing the same damage with a ironpike than a pike fighter :slight_smile: … i have the feeling they use less special attacks when you change their “born” weapon systems :slight_smile:

Here is some feedback about thralls mechanics

. maybe, still hard to say for sure.

. you should trigger your purge manually and keep reasonable purge settings imo.

thanks mate, feel free to add anything you think that could be usefull there.

honestly, i don’t think it inluences the damage dealth by a “non default weapon type”, but i can always have a look, especially since you’re not alone to wonder that.

And untill then, keep sharing your results / ideas about your “purges hunt”, and keep having as much fun as you seem to have :smiley:
i’m actually a “head hunter” (or thralls hunter if you like it better) in this game, and YOU seem to be a “purge hunter”, which sounds somehow pretty funny to me :smile:
See ya.


default weapons appear to NOT matter at all.
just checked the difference between dalinsa snow hunter (default weapon 1 h sword) and a berserker ( default weapon 2 h sword)
Both did the exact same amount of damage with either a 2h sword or a 1H sword.
i can always give the numbers if needed, but i guess you only care about the result.

And about their “special moves” i would say they do quite the same. Normally they try to alternate from 1 quick attack combo to a heavy attack combo. Once they consider their ennemy comes out of range they can break their combo chain to land 1 or 2 single hits but it’s not 100% consistent. Sometimes they will still try to finish their combo even if they are swinging the air.

hope that answers your question.


thank you @roro4066

the 2 Points I had are prooven wrong. We stopped all the action in the old base but still got there the purges.

I have another possibility now that the 2 offline players who are sleeping in the old base maybe trigger the purges there. I asked them to come online as soon as possible and then we let them sleep in the new base to check this possibility…

and regarding Purge addiction… yes definitely :slight_smile: but mostly I am annoyed that the areas seam to be so small and try to figuer out more abouut the system :slight_smile:

nevertheless I am very happy that we have now 2 kinds of purges :slight_smile:


Ok here another update :slight_smile:

  1. since we moved our time to time players to the new base we only get cimmerian purges. This means that like @roro4066 said the activity in an area makes the purge move to the base there BUT if you are alone working there and 10 buddies are sleeping in the old base because they are not playing RL related then you will still get a lot of purges in the old bases

  2. south of the mound of the dead you only get Cimmerian Purges but that is fine for me we will soon go to Level 6 purges to hunt named Thralls :slight_smile: The frost giants and the mammoths have to wait for the next base :slight_smile:

so far for this update :slight_smile:

have a nice day



Then you’ll be able to confirm us if you can spawn lv 4 thralls with lvl 6 purges or if it’s just not possible (as many are sayin). Personnally i don’t know. I didn’t experience enough lvl 6 purges to get a proper opinion in that matter.

can’t wait to hear from it !

Have fun !


I wanted to add some further feedback for the community about purge mechanics :

Since last time we were talking about the purge targetting system with BrysonMcRock , i have only experienced purges where i had a ACTIVATED bed nearby. So i am now pretty convinced that this might be the NUMBER 1 factor which will determine which base will be targeted once a purge finally triggers.

In short if you want to get purged at 1 specific location :

make sure you have at least :

  • something around 10 -15 foundations placed together (i believe this is what the game considers as a “true base” and if you want to be sure of the exact number you can always try to refer to your “build a shelter” journey step in case you have achieved this journey step recently)

  • one ACTIVE bed in range of your base

One last thing while i’m here BEWARE YOU COULD BE FACING WORLD BOSSES EVEN WITH LOWER LVL PURGES SETTINGS. i think it was worth mentionning it , and keep it mind it’s not because your 5 last purges didn’t spawn a world boss yet that all your upcoming purges will happen without any world boss spawn…it still can spawn a WORLD BOSS randomly and you obviously don’t want to have the same defense for this guy as for regular animals spawns.


A little update on our little project.

It seems that neither of the settings 4/5 or level 6 with cimmerian as only purges creates named Enemies. We are only attacked by fighters and archers tier 3 and we had so far around 20-25 purges level 6


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