How to make server alive again?

I play on Official 1094 more than year, and while this year it was 40/40 almost everyday. But a little bit time ago, people start to leave it and they dont want to come back. Always was like ussually, idk what happend. So how i can invite new people or make this server alive again?
Sometimes people join and i offer them them assistance by basic resources and good tools. And after this, they play only 1 day and leave…
What i doing wrong?


I cannot see anything wrong on your actions. Still what you must not stop is hoping that things will change, because they will. I remember i was on a pvp clan, with 5 others. The only reason i join pvp it was because I really liked this guys, not the pvp option. I was their farmer and organizer. When they were raiding, i never follow. When we had an attack however i was defending our base. They call me the goal keeper :joy::joy::joy:. Anyway, their issue is that they had no patience. When they were Alfa they were bored, when someone was making their life dificult they quit. The last server i join with them it was a 40/40 as you said. We couldn’t farm anything. Everything was empty. So they quit again :joy:. Maybe they didn’t know how to play correctly and they were acting like spoiled kids but they were my company, my friends, my clan. I really missed them a lot. Yesterday i received a message from one of them telling me that he is thinking to replay, conan. He asked me if i was playing solo and i answer him ‘la legion’ (the name of our clan) or nothing. His answer was ‘la legion’ for life. So my hope to see them again revived, i hope yours too :+1:.


Thank you for your support. I really hope so too.

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Hopefully for you, one or 2 big clans comes so its easier to find it on battlemetrics. Been playing on 1094 a while ago, but we left cuz of ddos. But if that dosnt happens anymore I think people will find their place again :slight_smile:

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It was ddosed because of 1 big clan who used some program to do it. But everyone of this clan already banned.

I still hope that few big clans come and online will be better.

It was the same with my home server. Was 3 -5 players max. It was dead so I moved to server 1313. It was one of the busyest servers I was ever on and met some OP players there. Stayed there for 9 months. Then the server was moved from Europe to Russia in December. We only learned afterwards that 1313 was a Russian server that was staying in Europe temporarily… for 2 whole years! Everyone left. The server died… 5 - 8 players now… So I went back to my home server after trying out other servers. Was still dead sorta but then some life kicked in and we had 12 players online! Then an extra 3 bringing the server total to 15! But then most of those players recognised 2 of them from a clan that wiped them in 2 days on another server and they left so the server died again… So back to 5 player max again really… But ya it sucks having a dead server…

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I already waiting more than 2 month, and every day worse than the last. We have some guys who waiting too, they do not want leave, but they also bored.

It could be either a modded console or a packet sniffer. Yes, players are leaving the servers due to one of those. Only if CE came with a defensive packet filter to pinpoint the origin of the ddos traffic. We know who is doing it, and they should be banned. It’s just not fair pvp anymore.

Players also chose to not play on servers with foundation spam and that’s the problem on 1094 for example.

But yea attacks are the main issue, and sadly will be in the future I think

Hey Mary same here, my clan as been alpha on 2 server for 2 months now. It was really fun at first but after losing the war people seems to leave :frowning: one of are server have 10 people at raid time mostly new player and the others still have 15-20 people. It gets really boring to just farm brimstone and kill Bosse all day. I really hope one day funcom listen to the community and make the changes to keep players into this game. I love this game and it hurts me to see it dying little by little. I really hope for you that people will join your server one day. What’s server are you on?maybe one day will come by.

It is usualy besause players run out of new stimuli :eyes: :ear: :trophy: after reaching certain point in the game… or beaing overwhelmed by OP players. At late game all you can do is kill bosses or Raid. Unless your into modded servers or RP :slight_smile: :performing_arts: then its like making your own series story.

I just joined a fresh server run by TitanSpirit (admin) (goodfriends) he made a lot of fun NPC quests, trade system etc.
He is currently working on a new system like “permadeath mod” but instead of dying you lose lvls.

All players would start on lvl 60 making them equal and so they can prepare faster, open leg. chests etc

So true,

Can’t create something beautiful :blossom: without getting worried someone will totally destroy it :frowning:

Many servers have rules about raiding, but I noticed a lot of new players don’t read them and then see bunch of 60lvl on list and quit.

And that is because they have been hunted, without getting a chance to prepare

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That was my belief until I found an alpha clan that cheated (and worse). They cheat to stay alpha, which is really immature. I agrue a solution in my other thread: Hide Player List on Official Servers

We want fun back in the game.

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