How to report racist players?

Hey all, I was just curious as to how I should go about reporting players who are throwing racist slurs in global chat at people personally and in general?

You go via the @Community in direct message with evidence blah blah.

TBH just turn chat off… they’ll never get caught or disciplined… Funcom wont intervene for meshers …i dont see them running in with guns blazing to stomp out some edge lord moment of glory in chat.


they get, if all server reports them…

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I bet you $20 to a charity of your choice, that it does not even happen.

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Go to player list and mute them. Quicker, easier and in your control.
Also I believe that Funcom has a good moral compass and will deal with this faster than “undermeshing” (eye roll). Turning them off in chat is a viable option, but still report them. Getting haters banned should be a priority for all.

Hey @MasoodMS and @JJDancer,

See Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures for how to report harassment and griefing. This thread can be found :pushpin: pinned on the front of the Conan Exiles forums.
Be sure to read these rules yourself too (goes for both you and the OP).

See also: Useful links on the wiki for methods to report issues.

Current issue report methods are pinned on the related (sub)forums. Methods which are no longer pinned are generally no longer applicable.
For example, the server issues report form was recently discontinued. Technical server issues are now best reported through G-portal’s site, but can still be submitted on the forums, although be it they may sometimes be handled with a small delay as it is a less direct way of reporting (the report has to be manually forwarded to G-portal).

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