How to see NPC titles from farther away

Maybe this is as intended, but:

Is there a way to see what NPCs are without getting right up on them? I estimate I have to be about 50’ from someone to see, i.e. “**** Archer II”, which is very close to them to aggro.



There is no specific way to get this information from afar i Believe, but you can Always shoot an Arrow on the npc and if you see a yellowish health bar, you’ve just found a tier 4.
It’s not what you wanted but it might help…

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Which is remarkably close to how one identifies thing in everyday life. Longtime friend? Arrow. Distant relative? Arrow. Mother-in-law? DEFINITELY arrow.

Seriously though, @roro4066 is right, it seems very random exactly when that text pops up - sometimes you can be 90% through a fight before the name shows. Though the colored health bars do help a lot in not accidentally killing T4’s.


What we need is a spyglass item crafted from leather and glass that would allow you to see things off in the distance. If you click on a target while it’s engaged you could see the name plate. Maybe functionally it fires an invisible arrow that deals no damage to make that nameplate appear. You could even code it to be a bow weapon that has a unique icon and animation, so you aren’t having to code a new weapon.


Spyglass would be sweet as! I use a shield to get in close to check them out. I always have my thrall guard carry a truncheon, so no harm comes to those I want to kidnap for the better good.

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ditto on the spyglass idea!

That would solve the problem AND be c/w the game.

Pretty sure you need to sheath your weapons and put your targeting reticle on them - they will show their tags from pretty far away. I’ve been able to do it without aggroing in New Asagarth.

Credit to my brother, Khalos Fulgore, for teaching me this trick


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Just what i need, having to grind for more leather :wink:

+1 for spyglass,
+10 for arrow in mother in law.

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Get up on something high and snipe them with a bow that has a advanced blunted upgrade and use blunt arrows. If the knock out metter goes down to half its a t1, if it barely goes down its a t4. I use this way to knock out thralls then drag off whatever is worth taking in the end

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People have more than enough leather nowadays, don’t they?

The real question is was this supposed to be like this or hardware limitation?

Maybe you have to be close enough to read the name tag.


I think the only reason we dont have this is the devs can’t get it to work without lagging out as the game tries to render stuff much farther away than normal.

I’m sorry, but “lolwhat”… firmware limitation?!

Yes, there’s unfortunately a whole bunch of issues involved, not least of which the fact that any server-driven resources (such as NPCs or crafting stations) shut down as soon as no-one is near them. Even with render distances as they are today, it’s possible to notice this on occasion - and a spyglass would just exacerbate this issue, further shattering the illusion that the world is alive around you.

Oops, I don’t always catch my weird autocorrects.

I did mean hardware, as in my PS4 would have a stroke the way that this game runs.

I don’t seem to have a problem running other resource intensive programs but for whatever reason this game chugs along especially recently.

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Go to Settings then Game Play. Check the boxes that indicate health bars, and you can see the health bars from a fair distance. The color change in health bar will indicate a T4 potential thrall.

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