How would blocking toxic enemy bases be treated with TOS/banning?

So what I’m describing here applies to let’s say a toxic wiper clan is trying to take out a server, and as a means to contain them and cause their life to be a pain, you block key passages or routes to and from their base. Like mountain passes, key choke points, etc. Including completely walling off some of these so they and other players could not travel without using a map.

What I’m NOT describing here is things like blocking resources (like closing off brim lake), enclosing obelisks, etc.

Now this is only something I’d consider in the case of a toxic clan and not something taken lightly. Sort of a desperate measure.

So how would this be treated as far as TOS? Could I get reported and banned for doing such a thing? Could the wiper clan say “We can’t access our base please ban these people”?

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Likely yes.

You can build where you want. You don’t owe any other clan easy passage to their base. Completely fine.

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I think that two things happen here:

First: they can report you for blocking content on the server, for the toxic clan and for other players. That Funcom bans you is more a matter of luck … as they please.

Second and more important: if it really is a clan capable of wiping the server, they will go to your base and wipe you and your allies. I’m telling you because other clans also tried to lock up my clan in a couple of servers (even blocking obelisks) and what we did more than open ways was to go to our enemies’ bases and wipe them at 0.

Better train pvp, recruit more members to your clan and try to raid them, it works much better.


Como denunciar jogador que estar derrubando servidor.

No puede denunciar a alguien que está derribando un servidor. Solo alguien que está engañando.

Hey @xwhitesky

Blocking other players from normally playing the game is against the official server rules, regardless of the intention. Walling them inside their bases is considered harassment and will be acted against if reported and investigated.

Please read our official server rules and procedures, where we also detail how and where to reach us to report an infraction:



Yes and it will get you banned from all official servers. Post have been made about this before. The golden rule applies. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Because by blocking them in you’re also breaking rules.


Exactly why FC should hire active CSR’s so every ticket is investigated immediately. I know if other companies have active GM’s that monitor incoming tickets 24/7 FC can as well. This a sever customer service situation that needs improved on FC & Tencents end.

Hola si lees las normas de Conan veras que es motivo de Ban y que no, por lo que veo en tu mensaje si es motivo de Ban echa fotos y videos y ponte en contacto con un admin

I have a clan doing this to me and harassing me in messages I have wrote a ticket and nothing has been done


Is it on a official server? If so it could take time due to FC’s lack of proper customer support. If not FC doesn’t admin private servers.

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Don’t feed the trolls. Number one rule. If they start walling someplace in, and everyone just mutes them and moves on with life… they get bored and leave real fast. Why? Because their whole purpose is to get you angry and cursing. So if you are calling them names in chat, and threatening to report them, and having ./idiot banter with them… you are doing exactly what they want. They are having fun, and you are not. So, find a new server and play on it for a short time. Or practice new builds in single player. In the meantime, send a report via the proper channels, and be specific with details. Screenshots, that include coordinates/player names/structure owners/chat. Also, in a GODless world, people are a$$holes with no fear of consequence, as such, expect to have a shi* experience periodically and learn to make the most of it. When you start walling in someone elses base in response to them walling in yours… it’s just another wall for everyone else to deal with. Stop the shi* talking.


I’m not angry just over being disrespected. They can build their wall it’s ok but I’m not going to have multiple people keep harassing me.

Quick question… does this behavior have to engulf a player’s entire base or would building around a good portion of the base rectify a response from Funcom? Reason I’m asking and will provide a video below to show you exactly what is going on, but basically, I’ve been on this particular official PvE-C Siptah server since it launched and it seems 2 other players that have been on this server for a long time are now in some sort of dispute. I do not own either of these bases, but came to make the video on behest of the player that is having their base surrounded. So, is what you see in the video considered harassment? Even though it’s not surrounding the other player’s entire base?

So lets assume you are one a a PVE-C server and you and that clan have been verbally sparring and PVPing for awhile. You can still get banned for blocking natural routes and access since on a PVE-C server there is no way to destroy your builds.
Also, putting up harassing messages like this may get you banned. . .

That is my neighbor getting harassed by another clan, because he killed them in PVP a few times.

Until there is physically no way in or out of your base, I don’t believe the mods will do anything. It might be ugly, but wait until you are totally walled in, and then make a video of it. Report it, screenshots, coordinates, ect. Be very specific, short and sweet. Mods don’t want the whole story, just a summed up version with PROOF. Again, in your video you could clearly walk in and out of the base at several points. Also when someone “starts” doing that, it’s time for you to add a “bridge” to your base in 4 directions so that their wall has to be that much longer.

And for the record, I have personally seen two people banned for walling others in. It does happen, but you need to provide proof of it.

We have a clan that sabotaged our PvE server. They harassed other players and built walls blocking chokepoints everywhere. They admitted on chat that they have a bone to pick with Funcom and they want to sabotage official servers so more people come play on their private server. They also dared us to report to Funcom saying that you guys do nothing and they have experience with doing this and getting away with it.

Weeks ago I wrote a very concise report on Zendesk with screenshots of chat threats and harassment, blocking wall structure, and location of such wall in the map. I am pretty sure others on my server reported them as well. The walls are still there. Meanwhile I got inconsistent email replies from Funcom regarding my report: one apologizing they couldn’t look at it, one afterwards saying they were looking at it but asking me to send screenshots again like if I never sent them (which I sent on the original Zendesk report), and then one afterwards that they were looking into it again (and nothing happened yet).

I am sorry, but Funcom handling of these types of issues is terrible. And what it does is that it has generated a toxic culture among players that they are able to do these things and get away with it, and it’s ruining the game.

Edit: I just checked today and the offending walls are gone. Better late than never; thanks.

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