HP fluctuating for no reason

I have lately noticed on occasion my HP value changes without doing anything different, eat same food ect. I have tried a few things and noticed it a different values at different times.
I can put my gear on. I sit at 1000 hp and 20 min later with fully sated and same buffs nothing different I’d be sitting at 960 or 940 ish. Any ideas?

You have a HP bonus when your hunger bar is full. That bonus goes away when your hunger bar goes below 100%


Yeah I have played around with everything I can find including that. I can eat again and it is far less than it was. Just now noticed my Stam pool is jumping around too…

I was 1021 this morning when I logged on and this evening I’m sitting at 951. And this morning my stam was 174 and now it’s 224… lol

Are you doing anything with sorcery or corruption? even a few ticks (percent) will affect health and stamina while not showing corruption on the bars. Followed by being near a dancer to purge it… results in ‘fluctuations’.

Or this?

Yup, tried all those. I can take all of my armor and weapons off be fully sated (just after eating) full health. Tried different locations with different temps… still can’t figure it out

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