HP regen - This game is satisfying again :)


If it is the way I think it will be when working properly, I would see it something in between old and new. We shall wait and see though.

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I was actually speaking to another user @Wak4863 about this fairly recently. If I am not mistaken, Fierce Vitality is currently 2 HP per second. This is then coupled with Soothing, which intentionally or otherwise, is now buffed to 1 HP per second. So when the two are both active, this gives a combined total of 3 HP per second.

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Unless this is a whole new aspect bug aspect, you cannot “heal as fast as they hurt you”. If functioning correctly, Fierce Vitality ceases to heal you as soon as you begin to take damage. It then takes several seconds for it to reinitiate or to ‘kick back in’. Then if we take further damage, it cuts out and the situation repeats itself again.

We still used all of those items a lot before the nerf zerog. The only difference is that now we are burning through insanely luicrous amounts them. And have much, and I do mean much more grind to boot.

That is what my testing found. I believe that the correct amounts will settle around 2 HP per second with 30+ Vitality. Then soothing will be fixed to 1 HP per 5 seconds. The 2 HP per second from Vit is double what it was before the update and is still rather good IMO.

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Part of that is the fact that most PvP servers have ×2 or even ×4 harvest multipliers, where as we only have a base rate of ×1. A little known fact among PvP players I have both been told and also observed.

Im completely happy with that buddy, that will put it back around pre-nerf values. If it becomes too difficult/easy, players can simply adjust the difficulty settings. I play on medium (Decadent) difficulty myself.

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For a bit of PvE perspective, I got purged by Frost Giants last night, and with 40 Vit was able to just stand there for 45 minutes until it timed out with one wailing on me for the entire duration. My flawless epic medium armor was nearly all broken, but I never fell below half HP. Think I ate maybe 2 or 3 lobster during the duration.

While that was a nice change of pace and kind of hilarious, it was a bit over the top. I was even able to out-regen frostbite and heatstroke.

So yeah, I’d simply be happy with it reverting back to what it was from 6-8 months ago before Vit 30 got nerfed into uselessness. In the meanwhile, I’ll just be over here getting a deep tissue massage from Red Mother to work out a few kinks in my back. :wink:


I second that. I feel that for a 105 point Attribute investment, that is 26.9% of our total available perk points, 2 HP per second is a more fitting return on our investment.

I do hope not HonkyLips, users such as me, yourself, @Larathiel and @Shadoza have all fought for this change time and again. It is not rooted in making the gameplay easier, as it has no bearing on combat, but in reducing the sheer amount of grind in our modes.


nobody would play rock , scissors, atom bomb…

It can be. While I wont speak for everyone here, part of it for me has always been the very limited number of hours I get to play each week. Plus Im the only one gathering, or for that matter doing anything. I dont have anyone else to help share the fighting or gathering duties and general workload.

Im kind of surprised to hear you say that buddy, but very relieved. You need only read all the threads on this issue, and the number of PvE and Singleplayers within having a grumble to see how much this change means to our modes.

I think maybe things have chaged a bit for you guys now too, with other ways of catching runners, such as the Bestial Claws. Is that it or something else?

Ooooh, sounds very soothing. Sorry, couldnt help myself. :wink:

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Correct, in combat the old regen was of negligible worth. It’s moreso that out-of combat it lets us feel more heroic, not having to hang from a cliff or hide in a tree cramming our faces full of food everytime we get into a minor scrape. It lets food be used to sate hunger, and healing items to treat more serious wounds.

IMO, the pre-nerf regen just had a better feel for a heroic PvE character whereas having to chug potions or eat 10,000 calories a day just feels absurd — less survival and more cheesing game mechanics. YMMV.


Most games where it is player vs AI (PvE), there are difficulty levels. Even many of the titles where there is a single player and multiplayer mode, the single player mode will still have difficulty levels.
Not the PvP community’s fault that this wasn’t the game design for CE.

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3rd tic vitality has always been enough for me even when it got nerfed. I understand that things go slower as a solo player, but between ambrosia, aloe pots, herbal tea, healing arrows, aloe soup, and haunch. There seem to be plenty of options for health regen. I see the third perk vitality as a supplemental regen that keeps you from dying when you get in a really bad situation (I just fell naked and all I can find to eat is bugs…let me stand here for a while and regroup), not my main source of regen. I would hope that is the intent of passive regen but I could be wrong.

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Yeah, the animations are feeling strange for 1h and 2h sword. You have so big pause between the combos?!

And 1 time I made a 1h combo so fast, it was for sure not intended… I was finished with a 4-light attack combo at the same time I am normaly at my 2nd swing… But it only happened 1 time yesterday.

BUT: This was the only time, I felt really powerful… This slow swings are… Kinda unrealistic.

Nope, it must be bugged. I was fighting the skeletal boss right next to the obelisk in unamed city. He hit me, i healed full, he hit me again, i healed full again. The regen started immdiatlely. Later on at the mounds i was attacked by a cook and had bleed on me. I was healing thriugh the bleed.

This is exactly as i see the 3rd Vit perk. It is for those moments where you screwed up. It should not be for creating a tank and button mash combat. that is what the 4th perk is for lol. Plus with the soothing, it never took me long even with just haunch or meaty mashup (+10 thirst as well!!) to get back into combat level health. For PVP, the pots and/or aloe soup are needed, other than that, i ran around with meaty mashup, 2 skins, and a bed roll when doing some npc combat.

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This is the point. It doesn’t make the game any more difficult, just less exiting.
Not so much about the grind for me, I’ve got fridges full of heals.

For me it’s the time waste between battles. I only run on 40 vit in the harder dungeons so when clearing assgarth, the mounds, volcano or sepers it takes twice as long due to having to stop to heal.

There definitely should be some sort of delay on when the healing starts, as it shouldn’t help you survive in combat. But when out of combat, 2 per tick should heal you as you move on to the next battle.

But something is amiss.

My ping finally lowered enough to log on and I strolled across the bridge of the betrayer in epic Hyperborean/barbarian and got to the other side with a full bar of health so a longer delay in healing is definitely needed.


It looks like it ignores the dmg from environmental stuff completely and heals you through it…

Wasn’t my experience. I only tested it on fall damage (limited time), but whenever I took damage, it would take a short while before healing kicked in. Presumably anything that was regularly dealing damage would indefinitely delay healing start - or at least that’s the way it should be.

So if there’s a bug where healing starts instantly / keeps going even though you just took damage, I’d say fix that before messing with the heal amount itself. In a PVP environment, needing to keep the pressure on to prevent healing is (or should be) part of the challenge after all.