Hwo do you make legendary weapons?


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so i rap… destroyed this ere crocodile boss with a friend of mine and got a key. cool i thought. i used this key to open a chest and it had a legendary bow in it.

the Wiki however says that the bow can be created? how do i create legendary weapons?

also… im a little unsure about how to repair it.

You cannot repair it on official servers since there is no Thrall with legendary repair kits. Legend has it that those thralls are capturable during the purge but I have yet to see a working purge on a official pvp server.

hmm… i thought there was some trick so i could also make the bow.

AFAIK, There is only two legendary weapons that we can craft as of this date.
Telith’s Lament (The original Long Sword) and Telith’s Sorrow (a new addition: Great Sword).
You can repair these weapons once you have mastered the skills to craft them.
They require level 55 star metal to be unlocked (just to learn the recepies for the swords and Silent Legion Armor), but cannot be crafted until level 60 because you must learn to craft the “Haft” (long handle) as a primary weapon component. The same with Silent Legion Armor since it is a level 60 Epic Class Armor.
Both swords require hardened steel, a haft and heart of the Kinscrouge to craft.
Silent Legion Armor no longer requires the Heart of the Kinscourge to craft, but it was reclassified to Epic (which requires level 60).

Much of the wiki information is out-of-date. You can’t craft the legendary weapons that are obtained from chests.

You can, however, craft some weapons that are considered legendary according to the grade displayed. Such as the Star Metal Spear, though the Flawless version is considered High Grade. This is likely just more incorrect descriptions.

Telith’s weapons are considered High Grade, not Legendary. Probably also incorrect descriptions as their damage really is on the legendary level, above it, actually. But they can be repaired without legendary repair kits, so who knows what these devs really want them to be.

As for repairing legendary weapons from chests, you need legendary repair kits. Only certain blacksmiths can create them. Those blacksmiths, as far as I know, come from purges.

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