I am tired and bored

I’ve put in over 2000 hours. It was exciting and challenging. A majority of that time has been on a server I rented. Some of the best time (albeit a little) was spent playing with a friend who seemed to enjoy this as much as I did.
My friend has been missing about a year (seriously) but I continued playing the game hoping that someday my friend would return. I’ve started over more times than I can count and I’ve honestly lost track. I’ve built and destroyed some of the most outstanding fortresses I’ve ever made.
Twice, on separate occasions two other people have come to my server. Both have more pressing interests elsewhere.
I’m tired and I am bored. I’ve lost my interest in continuing to play this.
At this point in time, I’m not sure I’ll renew my yearly rental agreement with the server host. If there was anyone else who would play on this password protected server consistently, I would consider renewing the agreement.
More than that, it would be nice to have some folks, maybe some new friends to hang around, adventure, build, chat and be sociable with. (PVEVP-friendly fire).
I’m just an old man, a hermit who lives alone and this game was one of my avenues of socialization and an outlet for my creativity.
Lately, the game has only been serving to remind me of my loneliness when I would much rather prefer to socialize with some friends.
I almost hate to visit the forums anymore. It’s just more and more of the same old things I read … over and over.


Hi, why dont you try taking your password down for a little while, if anyone bad comes in , you could aways ban them :wink:who knows, maybe you’ll make new friends :smile:


I’ve been considering “opening the doors”. (removing the password).

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Hi Vahlok :slight_smile:

Are you US or EU?

I live in the US.

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Well, mate, you are pointing to a common problem of video games, apart the fact of CE and his bugs and disappointment. The things is that video games are designed for solo experience, most of the studios are listening to the community crying to be able to solo this, solo that, at a point, this is the raising of solo games …

What to expect about that ? Remember the old time of first mmo’s, where healer can only heal, tank dealing no dps and dps dying without a healer. This time was difficult, because players were playing the game of devs not the opposite.

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This isn’t an MMO.

But my advice, play on a bigger server if you’re looking for social play. Every server I’ve been on has some very friendly players.

The original Guild Wars with all its expansions come to mind on that type of MMO.
My best character is a Canthan Ritualist by the name of “Inspector Chu” and he has the usual “henchmen” followers. I still have that game and still play it once in a while.

But, as for CE … I tweaked the settings where it’s solo friendly and I’ve been doing more than enough solo play. The greater challenges lay with taking on the world bosses.


I know it isn’t an MMO because this game was not built that way.
If I had not rented a server (going on a year now), I would have played on other “more heavily advertised” MP servers. You know the saying, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil”… and there are plenty of those.

Finding friendly players isn’t the problem, normally, it’s avoiding the evil ones. One person can ruin an entire server. There are hundreds, if not thousands of people who have nothing better to do than ruin other people’s fun. I will not play with them. So I play on a private server. I have some friends, who don’t play this game, that I would play with if they ever started, but I play with them in other games, or whatever.

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As “Daddy” suggested, I’ve removed the password for access for my server. I’ll wait and see if anybody shows up.
I’m aware of those people who seem to live for giving others grief. I could handle them easily since I’m also the admin of the server. I don’t blame you for preferring to play on a private server. At least they tend to be more “secure” for their player base.
But I’m sure you know by now how repetitive this game gets once you’ve recreated your character a few times. Not much changes. This game doesn’t have that dynamic feel to it.

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I’m playing on Xbox, so I’ve only been playing about a month, it hasn’t had time to get old yet. :slight_smile:


For your sake and the sake of your sanity, I hope the developers get those issues ironed out.

To bad i found a nice server to play on yesterday or i would jump on there and have some fun. Will maybe look into it if the one im on doesnt work out for me.

Hi Vahlok, you may want to " advertise " in the server section of the forum, make sure to put the name of your server, i hope your able to get a good community, to revitalize the game for you :slight_smile:

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I did. It’s Leviathan’s Children

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For high adventure try playing on an official PvP server.


I made a cleric in EQ back in 1999…man was fun, always found a group. People loved me.

Now, with all online games being so solo based, as you stated, there is so much less a sense of community.

I wish there would be a new MMo that comes out that fighting wasn’t the only mechanic…leveling was done by things like building, praying, worshipping gods, etc etc.

Conan, is the CLOSEST to that, but, still the primary mechanic to “play” is by killing stuff with a weapon. What if Conan had healer types, and they were critical to a balanced party…and most of the fighting was party based, with solo content exploration and building…and religous quest based? Think there is a niche for that.

Why would I want to do that when I’ve been renting a server almost a year now?
I paid for it up front for a full year. (So there’s no “sudden disappearance” as quite a lot of people have complained about with those who have rented on a month to month basis).
I know about the nightmares on officials. No thanks.
Mine is PVEVP-Friendly Fire (which means you can kill your own clan members, which is an excellent way of dealing with traitors) and you don’t get that on officials.

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Because there are good people who play on officials. Because you feel the hair on the back of your mousing hand stand up when a fellow you don’t know falls to his death in front of you. Because you never know who you’re raiding or whether the guy raiding you is willing to make a deal.

But mostly because with the help of these forums and official servers you can actually make friendships, connections and grow individually, as well as with the team. There’s no pressure like human pressure. It’s definitely worth it. :sunny:

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