I did some research about this game!

I read about a duping method and just thinking about it, I would not have a solution where no one would be unhappy.

Maybe have a longer downtime and restart time is random each day. Or kick everyone before restart… But then people would complain about random reboots and losing stuff/progression or that the server is too long down.

Altough I understand the frustratrion that such bugs still exist, FC still has to bring content to draw in new players, as not everyone is effected by duping or undermeshing. Play on private PvP or play official PvE…

Its more or less a server moderation problem… If dupers/undermesher would get banned/removed from officials, the problems wouldnt be soo bad.

a good action would be to kill the thrall pet or recreate the character of any duping … after a couple clans losing all they have in their possesion they may stop

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