I Don't Remember Seeing This Before


So, with the launch of Season 2 I have started a new Character to go through the whole thing again, watching for things I’ve missed. Well, while watching the Cutscene for The Pickup I got a couple of surprises:

1) Che mentioning that the New Jerusalem (his name for New Dawn) was under construction. And:
2) CASSIES’ EYES WERE GLOWING!? After all these years and two Games I’ve never seen that before. Is it new? Or just a weird reflection/artifact? They were glowing this bright blue in the very center, not unlike what I’ve seen in some of the Zombie Death Cultists (or EXACTLY like how the zombies are drawn in the webcomic Zombie Roomie http://www.zombieroomie.com/comic/origin-part-13).


It looks like it’s just an extra reflection. At some angles, like from the side, it absolutely looks like her eyes are glowing. But in a few close-ups, you can see it’s a reflection. Could be the time of day, an adjustment in the magic ward/spotlight, etc.

I had never noticed your first point, either, though. I think Gryph spotted it recently, too. :smiley:


Your memory is playing tricks on you. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve got a video of the Pickup cutscene that I recorded way back in 2013, and it’s got the exact same line where Che asks if we want to do the Morninglight a favour and to “… call it your ticket to a new Jersalem … when we’ve finished building it.”