I don't want to be a catering service. Can't we just have thrall & pet decay and cap?

I don’t have a small base, it’s not enormous either, but I wanted a “fortress” with sections that included specific objectives. Crafting, Storage, Alchemy, Farming and Leisure areas are all in their respective sections. On top of that, I tried to fit all religions (Which was a huge pain in the butt) and I’m slowly decorating the place.

Why am I saying this? Part of the decoration I had in mind, is having thralls there. I’m hunting the useless named bearer thralls to make my base more “lively”. I still have around 8-10 archers and something along those lines for fighters. I spent weeks farming Black Galleon, and another week and a half in Sepermeru. I have a ton of named thralls. Now with this system, I’m going to have to waste a lot of time gathering food which doesn’t last that long (Besides boar meat if they eat it). During the week I can barely play with work and all, this makes it a huge problem for me. If I lose all that hard work on some bug I don’t know what I will do.

If funcom wanted each player to have a few thralls in their bases, they should have put a limit. Empty barren bases with only thrall for defenses makes no sense in my eyes, and currently thralls are in a terrible state. if I even get purged (Haven’t got purged since launch…) I need protection which means more thralls.

I don’t understand how they couldn’t think of another way to fix floating thralls on pve and pve-conflict.


But you see it as another problem don’t speak for everyone.

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I’m in the exact same boat as you.
I was actually counting on CE not to have us feed thralls, because I liked the carefree feelz. Thought it was the very thing CE had over most other survival games.


They really seem determined to take all the fun out of the game and turn it into a chore simulator. I just can’t… who thinks this is a good idea? The same person who thought offline purges was a good idea, presumably. Well, they have a vision. I applaud them for that. I just wish it wasn’t so hostile to anything fun or lighthearted.


This is exactly the question. It’s understandable for pets, but a terrible idea for thralls. Some people have lives and don’t want to stop in twice a day to “feed” their guards and townsfolk.


If you want lighthearted get a moshi monster subscription…:thinking:

It’s conan exiles, not restaurant exiles.

Lighthearted in this context is a focus on combat and construction, not catering.


Well thanks for you interpretation and analysis … uh huh lol :joy: I’ll just go back to my lighthearted build and dominate game …

I think my idea of a scavenger Thrall getting the food for us sounds better and better now.


It would defeat the entire purpose of why Funcom wants to implement the feeding system:
To give incentive to cutting down on thralls.

And how do you intend the scavenger to work like, anyway? Make a hunting hut, and put a scavenger thrall inside so it can act as a fish-trap for deer? How is that any different from just normal fish traps?

You wanna have Funcom program an ACTUAL scavenger to go patrol around the base and pick up mushrooms? You know how many method() calls that is gonna need? They have a hard time getting normal thralls to work, what makes you think a more complex scavenger thrall will work any better?

I share your sentiment with that idea. You wanna make feeding a bit more endurable for everyone, but mate… it’s not gonna work the way you think it will.

sighs Ok I’m gonna think with you here, cuz I like you.

If you wanna implement a scavenger, you implement a furniture “War Desk”, with slots. The higher the tier of the table the more slots it has. Then you fill it with Archers. Like you said. Higher Tier, higher skills, shorter scavenge times. They will use arrows and healing potions and time as fuel.

The War Table will have a minimum proximity building range around it like shrines, so you can’t just spam the entire base with them.

This makes the scavenger a balanced yet valuable edition to the base with a low(er) programming overhead.

technically my original idea was it to only go for meat and berries and only to help make it less of a hassle but you are right about one thing it would take a lot of coding to implement it though maybe I was over thinking it a bit as to me the way you said it makes it actually seem so easy. As sometimes I feel like I can over complicate things without realising it.

When you get purged, it’s not just the highest-level base of yours that can get hit, so this won’t help at all.

Well, I do have some experience in game design.

Multiplayer is all about working within a call budget.

You need to remember that a server thinks for ALL. There’s only so many calls at once, a server can handle.
Most of the graphic heavy stuff the client handles, like animations etc. But things like loading in what people built, where poeple are, where they move, and what they hit… all that the server manages… and that includes thralls, which is why they are so adamant about culling their population.

Maybe it’s just coincidence, but I have a base down south, and 1 base up north, and several wheel outposts at the volcano, pagoda, sepemuru and black galleon. I also own all the public maprooms at every oblisk except Dreggs and Unnamed City.

The only purges I ever get are on my Volcano wheels, or my northern base.

But hey, maybe other people get their southern bases purged too. Not sure… but I have yet to get attacked anywhere else.

I have a base in the jungle (wheel, fire, some benches, guards), at the Hand of the Maker (big, lots of stuff), at Sep (wheel, fire, some benches, guards), at Mounds (wheel, fire, guards), and in the volcano (big, lots of stuff). Pre-MoAP, I had announced-then-ended abortive purges at all of those, with most at the Hand. Post-MoAP I’ve had a single purge at the Hand and none anywhere else. This experience is consistent with that of other people I know.

I see! Good to know :male_detective:

That is true as well as the more load there is the poorer the server will run.

Dividing at best. Most of the support for it on any level is purely based on the hopes that it will help server performance. I can only support an extremely easy and basic hands off version of feeding for thralls and pets. Anything more and it’s just too much. I already spend a lot of time feeding myself!

I think the only way this feeding system will work is if you have the ability to tame a “server”-type thrall. Someone who will take food around to the thrall and feed them. Will also need gatherer thralls to get food from traps, animals, etc. I get cleaning things up on the servers, but no one in their right mind wants to spend all their time hunting and distributing high-end food. You do that in real life, assuming you have children… Unless they actually do want to kill this game, the way it is currently implemented is a REALLY bad idea.

I do agree with you, as an easy version of feeding thralls and pets is what I hope we can get.

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