I keep crashing, LAG, 0 place to set raid camp and other fun

Some where at funcom is a stack of crash reports with my name on them. Just moving thralls.

Daily the lag gets to the point the game is unplayable. I’ve died to nothing; till I was dead then the enemy rendered in.

No place to build a raid camp. THIS is going to be a big issue. There is a perfect place, right there, where my neighbors camp is. Other wise I’m on a peninsula of sorts, but not much open flat land around. This will be great for people that have already built in these areas.

I’m going to have to rethink my keep on live. Tear down walls, lay off archers, dismantle my treasury.

Other then that, I like the build, chapter 2 will get me playing again just to track down all the new stuff. Servers lagging to unplayability will cost some players though. And it will be common, especially with everyone want to check the new raids.

I am also crashing a hell of a lot randomly from a I can only assume unannounced 24th of aug update

Do you know if a FOB will be built if, say, you built a base in a rock and you built a ramp directly to the treasury? Not a crazy sky base, so the ramp is not huge.

Every piece of coverage I’ve seen implies that you can only participate if you built of a flat base. But in most public servers it will be difficult (overcrowding, people that don’t play but refresh their stuff for a year+)

I thought about renting a server, but Funcom gives me a nasty slumlord taste where they will give you access to something, but make it difficult to participate unless you pay more.

I should get it over with and just buy a physical console copy to just play the old version offline.

Doesn’t matter how your base is built if there is no near by big open flat space.

That is my issue the near open flat space has a base on it.

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Wanted to add when I crash moving a thrall and log back in my character has moved quite some diffidence.

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