I like games to win in skill and wisdom rather than strength

Many games rely on power to win.
It would be great if we could do something to win with fighting skills

We can call him the master of weapons or the master of fighting

You may need to be a bit more specific; how does what you said relate to Conan Exiles?

I need more moves

The fight is too single

PS3 Do you know ares 3?

I need movement

In other words, if I understand you correctly, you want the combat system to be more complex.

That doesn’t necessarily change the skill set you need to be good at this game. I’m reasonably certain that a smart player with good hand-eye coordination already has an advantage in this game over a Neanderthal.

Chess pieces have a very limited set of legal moves. A skilled, intelligent person still wins someone who tries to brute-force his way through a game of chess. (Unless the brute table-flips and eats the smartass person’s head.)

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