I made an action-bar mod that doubles the amount of slots you have :)

Hey everyone,

Here’s another mod for you. It’s called Twin-Bar and it’s tiny, lightweight and simple to use.
Hit shift + number key (1,2,3… etc.) to swap the corresponding hotbar slot back and forth between 2 items. That’s it pretty much, the alternate item is displayed as a tiny icon above the slot. To remove items, simply swap to them and move from the regular actionbar.

Workshop link:

Demo video:

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Love your mini map mod, Xev. Can’t wait to test this out


Oh, on that note :slight_smile: My minimap thread got locked :frowning: so I can’t update it…

But I made a cool new color-picker for it, even supports hex color codes and hooked up the Alpha slider to adjust transparency for the entire thing so that all the people who wanted a semi-transparent minimap may rejoice :smiley:
So if you haven’t checked out the settings lately, take a peek


You have 10x more creative thinking and thinking than entire ClownCom, thank you for your mod!

Did it get locked because of time? If so, try reporting it to get it reopened.

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Yea, weirdly enough it didn’t have a timer on it for a long time… and now with the forum update it suddenly did again :stuck_out_tongue: and got locked after a week

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Oh btw, I didn’t implement action-bar scaling into this as I already have a small specific mod to do just that.

Instead though this mod detects the presence of that one and doesn’t push up the inventory panels to make room for the icon row if you have it - since you’d be able to adjust the scale freely.

As such, I recommend them to be used together, it works really well.

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Okay, I did a small update on this to fix an issue :slight_smile:

By the way… it works for controller users too, it essentially doubles the amount of slots on the radial menu and they’re all perfectly usable :man_shrugging:

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Pure Gold!
I really am a fan of your convenient mods Xevyr!
Thanks for your creativity and “craftsmanship” !


Practical question: How does this interact with the new “Drop Backpack” setting?

Do you only keep the active action-bar, only the default one, or everything together? :thinking:


For real, Xevyr should be the main developer for Conan :snake:

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It counts the same as your main hotbar in every way. In fact if you dropped all your loot and come back and interact with your corpse, the items get reequipped in the alternate slots, so the same way you should not drop them if it’s set to only drop the backpack.

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He shouldn’t. He is skilled with the technical stuff, but his Conan lore knowledge is severely lacking.

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They said developer, not designer :stuck_out_tongue:
But… I know Conan! It’s the bodybuilder dude pushing the merry-go-round!


On Teso i had swap of wheel of choice. You were just organizing both wheels and you could swap with just one button. It’s something i am dreaming to happen years now in this game too.
Nice mod @Xevyr, congratulations :blush:.

From my experience, the posts on the creative corner are getting closed if they have a “solution”. If this post didn’t had a solution, then they got what they needed and moving to finish what this idea started!

Well, here if you play with a controller and use this mod, you simply have 16 slices of the round selector that pops up :slight_smile: It’s still very comfortably usable and doesn’t seem too much to where you’re selecting the wrong stuff by accident.

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I 🅽🅴🅴🅳 this mini map on the official server :scream: :scream: :scream:

As for the action bar, I wonder why the game made it so small to start with, it’s so unconvenient :thinking:


@Xevyr what did you say/do? :grin:

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I don’t know

Apparently there are these things called… azerty keyboards… that strange people use from distant lands :rofl:
Sooooo pressing a Shift + 1 on those things seems to be difficult since 1 already requires shift…

Long story short…
Twin-Bar now has rebindable keys…


(accessed via dc twinbar console command)

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