Suggestion: Inventory and Stats

So i have been thinking that the inventory needs a bit of a overhaul, and by that i mean that it should change its looks.

For example the inventory can have more slots added next to the armor slots, slots where we can put our melee and ranged weapons in one slot and another for shields and arrows, maybe another for the tools or they can be combined in a belt slot where we can put our tools or tuck them in our belts. Stats can be shown as well on the inventory screen, stats like armor, damage, regen and so forth. In other words: the inventory screen and the stats could go together.

Right now i find it weird to equip my weapons from my hotbar, instead of equiping them in a inventory slot. The inventory kind of reminds me of the ones in Gothic I, II. I’m thinking that weapons should be equipped on a item slot in the inventory and be drawn with a keybind or the attack button. Something similar could be made for the tools, how cool would it be to equip your weapons and your skinning knife, and having them hang on your belt and scabbard.

Also timers below our buffs and debuffs would be a cool addition to the UI, for example having a timer below our regen buff from food.

In other words i described the basic inventory screen in almost every RPG and i think that something like that would look great in a Conan game.

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Well not that much :joy: Something more practical is what i meant


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Though my hotbar feels like that… :joy:
I like the idea. Maybe assing a quick change key? And dont allow weapons to be used from hotbar. That way people cant simply put 6 different weapons, a shield and regen pots on hotbar… slashing through their enemies… Probably? Though that would make things a bit messy… Like when harvesting? Those are treated the same as weapons.

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great idea and i already mentioned need for weapon slots under different topic. You have my full support :slightly_smiling_face:

this is what we need

That’s what i want to see when i look at my inventory, right now it is really basic, and i understand why it is like that at the moment. But it should have a more pleasing aesthetics and with it added weapon and tools slots. I do find it offputing having on my action bar all of my tools and weapons, IMHO the action bar should be used for building materials, potions, furnitures and etc. Tools and weapons should have their own inventory slots.

I kind of recall them mentioning that they were looking into this. It would be a great addition, and fit the aesthetic wonderfully.

I’d love to be able to see whether a harvester was packing a weapon or bow, and plan my ambush accordingly.