I need to create another character, how can I do that?

I play through xcloud on gamepass and I would like to create another character on the same server where I already have one, is it possible?

I play on ps5, but assuming it’s the same, go to the main menu, character, recreate character. You’ll lose all your possessions and thralls. You start fresh, lvl 0, nothing on you.

I don’t want to recreate a character, I want to create another one, keep 2, you know?

From the same console? Create another account. Do as usual. You can’t use both at the same time
I used to do it to avoid changing builds.
I had a fighter and a gatherer/builder.


I play through the cloud, I can’t make another account through game pass…

Then you can’t have a 2nd character on the same saved game.

I know, I just want to have a character for farm and another for pvp on the same server

This is not possible unless you have a second account with a second copy of the game.

Or ya know, have an actual game disk, and not go digital only like a pleb.

Chalk up another reason to stay physical media :slight_smile:

On playstation it’s very easy. You just set another user on uour console. Then load the game using that account. I always have a fighter and a farmer. I don’t know if you can do that on xbox.

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Actual disk doesn’t let you run the game twice at the same time, so that still doesn’t work. But thanks for your non-answer necroing a thread from two weeks ago

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Forum Necromancy

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This thread reminds me of a another game where you could “collect” other random characters with random perks and builds and just switch between them whenever you wanted.
Conan exiles could have a feature where you could control your thralls and use them as a playable character. Afterall, your thralls are more or less like you, an exile.
This would make the game more interesting.

The orb of nergal would be my first stop. :smile:
You can’t have players with that much hp. The stats would have to be readjusted when you possessed your thrall.

That could be a sorcerer only ability. Possess a thrall for a certain amount of time and fight with it. This would have to be well thought though. Otherwise sorcerers would be unstoppable. Maybe only 20 secs or so, max.

You have midnight alchemy for this! If you play on siptah i have good news, the potion recipe will be in your bench anyway, you won’t need the midnight alchemy anymore in order to fix this potion!

No problem buddy! If you need anything else lemme know.

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