I really need to finish TLJ

Posting because this forum needs more love.

I got about 2 hours into TLJ and life happened. Need to go back and finish.


Highly recommend doing so.

It was pretty amazing how easily Talyia and I got sucked into playing for hours at a time.

That is about how far I got into it years ago too.

Best way to play the game is to use a walk-through when you get stuck after a few minutes or when you don’t know what to do next. The game has a few puzzles that are unrealistic to figure out on your own and situations where, for example, you have to talk to someone before you can move on or trigger the next puzzle or scene. Just play the game using a walk-through when you get stuck and remember to talk to everyone and go through all the dialog. Even WITH a walk-through the game will take about 20 hours to play. Just play and enjoy! It’s a really great story! Way better than Dreamfall series!

I would never use a walkthrough on a game like this. It ruins any fun and satisfaction.

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Good luck with the rubber ducky puzzle, that trial and error underwater stone puzzle, and when you get stuck for no logical reason because you simply didn’t talk to someone about a topic or knock on flippers door enough times. Yes you WILL be using a walk through at least a few times through out the game whether you like it or not since parts of the game a completely illogical and unfair.

No. I won’t.

I also am long past the rubber duck.

Good luck, and yes you will. You’ll see…rofl…you’ll see…

Dude. Now you’re pisѕing me off. Shut up. I don’t use walkthroughs on my first playthrough of ANY game and in my 36 years on this planet I never have and don’t intend to now.

Shut. Up.

Why can’t we have nice things

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