Should I play Dreamfall: Chapters?


Okay, so technically not a Funcom game, but I was really late to the party. And while I saw the appeal of TLJ (I love old PnC games), Dreamfall really disappointed me. What will I get out of Chapters do you think? More of the first or the second?

(also: first!)


I mean, if you’re like us, you’re going back to play for a sense of completionist satisfaction, so for that reason, I’d say yes.

I bought DFC in the bundle recently as Natalyia and I had not played any of the TLJ games.

We really enjoyed going back and playing The Longest Journey (just finished it Saturday) and it’s really got us in a retro RPG phase, so we certainly plan to play Dreamfall and Chapters some time soon.


I’d say more of the second. Chapters are directly linked with Dreamfall story-wise, and gameplay is obviously more similar to Dreamfall too (minus the combat sequences, thankfully).

In general, I enjoyed Dreamfall: Chapters and I plan to replay it soon in one go. All in all I found it endearing and I’d say that it does share some of the charm of the original TLJ. But on the other hand I felt that some plot elements contradicted the previous installments of the story or were changed/introduced just to tie up the loose ends.