I sold an item to a vendor. Can I get it back?

Secret World Legends is equipped with a “Buyback Inventory” for each character. Items can be bought back from this inventory in a vendor’s shop UI.

Buyback Inventory

The Buyback Inventory When an Item is sold, it is added to the “top” of this inventory. It can be bought back for the number of currency it was sold for. There is a max number of 15 slots in this inventory. Once the 16th item is sold, the 1st item is replaced with the 16th.

What happens when I want to buy back an item that isn’t on the list?

Players can feel free to write a petition. GMs may be able to help, but our ability to help goes down drastically 72 hours after the sale occurred. We’ll do our best to verify the transaction, but we may not be able to.