I still have not GOT MY LEGION CHEST!

I have restated my game my computer , Still not have received my Legion Chest that is promised with the monthly subscription ?!?! It is also now a hour past the time i payed what is going on is there a sever restart to the game i just cant find it ! !
is there a email or way to contact tech support >?
It is not in my rewards but new character slots are open … I also got the rewards for either crowns or more spec . So i know my Subscription went threw but still have no received my chest ???
The chest is what ropped me to even do the sub !

UPDATE DAY 2 with no chest i know that is possible to get the chest right away! Why i went and got point from the store right on game then went ahead and got a legion chest with real money and i received my chest as soon as it Payment completed the chest was right in my INVENTORY! So weather it is a bug or i was me just not getting the chest … i have also reported the day it happend with a ticket ! So im crossing my fingers by tomorrow i will have my Promised Chest! Got Sub Yesterday at about 9:00pm Est Time it is now day 2 2/25/2019 I hope this gets Resolved.

Day 3 - Still no chest And I have turned in 2 Tickets ! Nothing in clams token or inventory
This is truly upsetting.

Update : GOT the CHEST !

For tech support/account support/etc go to http://help.funcom.com and send in your question that way

As some people are guessing: When subscribing you have to click on the advertisement for the subscrition offer and THEN choose the option to subscribe for 1 / 12 months. If you just click on the subscribe button and then pay for 1 / 12 months you don’t get the box. I did the same mistake and I hope FC can fix this.

That is the problem Funcom didn’t make it crystal clear but people generally rush into buying things without reading properly first!

You have to click on the link that pops up in the in game store to be redirected to the new sub offer. It tells you on this page that you will receive 1 hoard with the monthly sub or 12 with the yearly sub quite clearly

Yes, I received the box but I am still f2p. Great offer indeed.

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I had the same issue: the payment failed, and my remaining playing time (about 1 year) was cancelled. However, I opened a ticket, and after about 2 days they fixed it. :wink:

I guess they have quite a long queue right now… :sweat_smile:

This makes me think you think the legion chests should be in the rewards. They are not.
They are in the /claims - type this command in any chat, or open your inventory, on the right side below your inventory slots is a button “claims”.

Also, if you just created a new character you need to log fully out of the game and log in again to be able to claim anything on that character.

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This is correct.

If you still aren’t seeing the expected rewards after checking this location and restarting the game, you need to visit us at https://funcom.com/help and submit an email support ticket so that Support can take a closer look at your account for you. We aren’t able to investigate account or billing issues over the forums.