I want a cerulean eagle but

I know its from link your account to your social media account but since I am a steam player,there seems not easy for me to do that.Also…what about some ppl like me that just have a oficial social account that cant be used as private stuff,and for private they just dont like the atmosphere around most social media o very apreciate their privicity so dont have a account?Would this be a bit…forceful?
I would like to see that there is another way to get these stuff like how about we pay aurum?I think funcom should make these stuff have variable way to obten because there are all around diferent type of players…
Thx.Really want have such a eagle,even it is not 2 headed,still make me feel like Eisenhorn style.

What does Steam have to do with it? You can log into https://account.secretworldlegends.com/ with a Steam account just like you can with a Funcom account.

Also, these social media accounts are free. Just create a throwaway account and link that. They don’t care if you’re actually using it.

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Well,thx,I was thought that only normal funcom account could do that,but on the other hand…you meantioned about a throwaway account,would there be some security issue like,for example,if you linked your Facebook account to Pokémon Go account,you can acceder the game just use your Facebook account,which is unacceptable for me…I dont know if there is the same case for SWL…

I only created a Facebook account for the community reward and deleted it immediately after linking. I don’t use Facebook, at all.

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thx I gonna try that

You’re missing the point of the exercise from Funcom’s perspective. They want social media information, and they want our accounts linked. Why would they make it so that someone would be able to receive rewards without giving them the data that they want? Ultimately, if you want the pet, you need to give them what they want. There are ways to get around it like Aeryl said, but most people aren’t as concerned about linking game accounts to social media.

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Well for me it either a lure o kind of forcé me into a life style that I wont accept.I am anti-social media you know,I also very aware about tracking and data-colecting.I know its their strategy but I personaly dont like it,anyway,Aeryl showed me the way…