I want my 1000 shards!

so RF pops up, when i zone in i dont join the raid but instead i am back in the zone i was questing. I get a message i got 1000 Atlantean shards but in real i got notching <.<

whats with these glitches?

I read the same message I though to have won those too but it was a guy posting on global, was that you?

lol no <3 But I saw that player post too! Extra frustrating as i thought it was a system message until i realised it was in global

ahaah I was intrigued for 2,3 seconds “woooooo 1000 shards how when why?” then after frustrated as well
or it was an hoax or maybe one of the participant of pvp tournament showing off the message:

Teams that place 2nd and 3rd place receive the following:

1000 Atlantean shards
25,000 PvP xp consumable

Omg, you guys were trolled by someone on global. There is script made by trolls, works the same like writting something in color on global. You not recieved nothing. TROLLED.

Nah its just a visual bug that came with last anniversary

No. Trolled, thats all.

maybe you are right but it was exact on the moment i left the raid so the timing was spot on … Can u confirm there was no 1000 shards reward?

If only we could get 1,000 shards without doing raid finder.

that doesnt help lol. Is there or is there not a 1000 shards reward?

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Yeah😊 like that

yes like that :flushed:

Petition to kick that player from the server pls

Shards are NOT a joking matter. Someone needs to give these boys a shard shower.


Funcom need to start organizing meetings for shard addicts


Why you don’t call this game Age of Shards? It seems all what matters now is shards shards shards :smiley: