I will never be "The Chosen of Asura"

Because I call a spade a spade. Nobody likes to hear the truth.

What has a “spade” to do with truth?
Anyway, me too, will never get an chosen because I sometime simply just can’t hold my temper. But thats okay. Look it that way: We can support the game by buying the DLC instead. :grin:
But Multigun truly deserves the title. I wonder if these chosen thralls will have as much health as Vathis or Daicas and where to farm them.


I wont either because im often an a$$. I’m ok with that. Multigun does a lot from mods to helping trouble shoot, he deserves it. good job @Multigun !!


No one ‘likes’ to hear opposition, yet we should all eagerly welcome and embrace it. Without having our beliefs tested, we can never really know if we’re right.

It would be pretty boring if everyone agreed all the time, though civility seems like a dying art sometimes. Argument is ideally a collaborative process of truth discovery, where each individual respectfully tests the other and contributes to a better understanding for everyone. The root of the word ‘argue’ means to make clear.

People rarely change their minds in the heat of the moment though, particularly in a public platform. Peoples’ egos get in the way of that noble ideal a lot. Too much.

Personally, I’m not at all concerned about some moderated title on a gaming forum. Multi could be called His Grand Highness the Third Emperor of the Galactic Funcomination For All Things Gaming Related for all I care. I think it’s just a nice little way to recognise such a valued contribution to the community. It need be no more than that. Having said that,… favouritism, nepotism and (workplace) social politics can be a nightmare - sometimes it seems like people never grow up out of high-school adolescent cliquishness. Don’t see that being a problem here unless we make it so.



Lol @Multigun Let the reign of terror commence!

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Personally i love that they reward helpful individuals with such things its incentive to be a better member and to help your fellow player. If someone does attack a user with a title like they well then the fix is easy remove their status.

I’ve not seen anyone with a title flaming another member of the forum. If one were to do something the fix is simple. The title or the reward from being a good member and person should stand. It is good incentive for everyone.

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Think of it as a personal development exercise. Its a monthly thing. They soon will run out of options, anyway. :wink: Just keep your temper for at a month and we will see. Maybe there soon will be:

For his recent effort in keeping calm and saving our nerves, while almost suffering from aneurysm we are very excited to have this player be part of our community and to award our next “Chosen of Asura” Award:

:boom: UltraViolent! :boom:

His rare IG npc will have the following name: “ Ultra Silent, Asuras Chosen

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Personally, I think anything that would promote a good tone in the debates here on the forums should be promoted and, frankly, I don’t think the titleholder could be more fitting.

I think it is fine that his forum-style is recognized

Up next is the ‘Chosen of Crom’ - The forum-poster who most doesn’t give a damn! :grin:


:crazy_face: Dude, I never was so happy about Funcom didn’t release mounts as of now after seeing this!


I’m sorry everyone, I’ve been bad all my life. I post bad things and say bad things to lovely people. My wish is to turn over a new leaf in 2019 and deal with my character flaws.

In the new year I will dedicate my game time to bringing food to the needy, clothing those who cannot clothe themselves. I will open my doors and chests to all the people of Hyboria.

We wanted to promote the members of the community that go above and beyond the call of duty, so to speak. Those who are friendly and helpful towards their fellow players and who help us out with reporting bugs and issues.

You can still be critical of us and get the title, as long as said criticism comes forth in a constructive and helpful manner. To paraphrase Wil Wheaton: Just don’t be a dick about it :wink:


I got mixed feelings about this new award.
The impartial me thinks it’s a lil much to give them all DLCs including the future ones…
The emotional one… :speak_no_evil:

The reason why I probably wont get it eighter:
I cant get rid of my temper…
Even after having been worked so hard to supress how I feel about stuff for myself… :thinking:
If certain people who already catched my eye because of always posting the same utter nonsense (IMO), at some point some switch is triggered and I go haywire…
And I cant even stop myself from reacting to these statements/topics since seeing and trying to ignore these feels like someone poking me all the time. :exploding_head:
This obviously makes me vulnerable for trolls, but… well…

Anyway, congrats Multigun!

That applies to not only a few people though… At least I think so.
Must be hard to decide.

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I personally like the award. Is it an incentive? Yeah.
And as Jens stated, it is not a “nice person” award. It is a helpful community member award. Constructive criticism can be helpful, stepping in and mediating a topic, helping find bugs, etc. If people are going to be nice just to get the award, then it will show thru. Will there be favorites. Well, yeah!!! That is how life works. Your friends in life are your favorites compared to strangers. Everyone has a favorite spot to eat…What about the other restaurant owners? The idea that everyone should be treated equal is flawed logically. Because not everyone believes that, thus their idea is not treated equally. Equality is in the eyes of the beholder. Everyone has a certain threshold that they will eventually get to that causes them to pick a favorite. And that is okay.

Sorry, got a little winded. But i am all for rewarding good people. Too many times in society we ignore the good ones for fear of leaving someone out, but still focus on the squeaky wheels without that same fear.

Congrats to @Multigun , one of MY FAVORITES on this forum.


Be yourself, don’t change for anyone. Some of us appreciate people we can argue with when we don’t agree, and still have good convos when we do agree. (sometimes lovely people need a kick anyway :wink: )

If you fake it, it will be noticed.

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Personally i think the fact they are giving out the DLCs as a prize to those in the community who go above and beyond is a good thing in more than just one way. A title by itself does not mean much. However the rewards this title comes with carry alot of weight and are more than enough to make most people want to do better and help the community. Even people that just do it for the sole purpose of getting the dlcs in that manner and those like Multigun who is still very helpful and chimes in a lot with interesting things to say.

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Not sure if you’re being serious UltraViolent, but I wish you all the best regardless.

Btw, I personally didn’t have a problem with the video you posted. It was actually kind of relevant in a funny sort of way. I could only last 45 seconds of it though… painful to watch. However, definitely not family-friendly and so shouldn’t be posted on here.

Take care eh.

Half the problem is a quarter of the readers understand Ultra about an eighth as much as they think they do.

@UltraViolent keep being how you be. I think you are a friend to the game, and I like seeing your Av on a thread. It’s like a little ghost pepper powder in my latte. ;p

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Well, I for one have been inspired by Ultra’s sincere penitence. I too feel the shame of my flawed nature and will henceforth seek to become a better person in all ways. Including dealing with bad things, and being more trusting of strangers bearing gifts in the exiled lands.

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