I will never buy another Funcom game

Dear Funcom:

You have got over $120 of my money. I have more than 8,000 hours in Conan. It was a wonderful game. The human animations are spot on. The characters are beautiful. The world is gorgeous. The game sounds are amazing. And the soundtrack is haunting.

But there are frustrations with the game that you apparently just refuse to fix, or frankly to even acknowledge.

Undermeshing. You have known about this since before 2019. Yet it is more prevalent now than ever. And you obviously are tired of hearing about it from your use base, because you don’t even have a way to report cheaters. You say specifically that the link to report players is NOT to report players, but to report bugs.

Duplicating. You seem to have finally fixed that, after two and a half years. Well done.

All 50 Stats. Yep, people still have it. You stopped it from being achieved, but those who already achieved it still have it. So, not really a fix, is it?

And I have tried to report SO MANY Cheaters to you. You and G_Portal. It seems like you were trying at one point, but that was a year ago, and now my complaints fall on deaf ears.

Conan Exiles is probably one of the best games I’ve ever played. And I will never buy another game from Funcom because of it.

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You sure about that?

How to contact us

If you want to report players, clans, exploits, or connectivity issues in any of our Official Servers, please contact us through Zendesk , our team will get back to you using the provided email.

Full info.

There is a server setting that resets it. Not all private servers will have it turned on (its off by default). If you know of people exploiting it on official servers, use the above methods.


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