I wish I enjoyed the update. I really do

As much as this is a “PvP” update, I’m mainly a PvE player and I host my own dedicated private server for a few friends, and this update has turned this game from a survival game with great PvE potential to unplayable for me.

I am now the weakest character in all of the Exiled lands. And it’s not even close. Thralls will three shot me. For some reason I take 2 seconds to walk at a normal pace, and I can’t seem to roll due to an inner ear problem I developed. I am a slow, weak, frail character that just happens to be level 60.

The player power fantasy for me is gone. As much as some people enjoy Pokemon: Exiles, I do not. I didn’t mind being less powerful before the patch cause thralls weren’t THAT amazing. Still better tanks, but didn’t do much consistent damage. Now I feel completely useless. I am just a thrall trainer. I am not an exile braving the lands and slaying monsters and bosses. I am a support for my thrall and that’s it, which I kind of got even before the patch, but now even more.

Don’t even get me started on how clunky the new movement system is during combat. Get tagged by a boss? You’re basically dead. Put 30 points into agility and wear all light armor? Still takes two seconds to start walking normal. I’ve never seen such “Fit” and “badass” exiles that have learned to live off the land and become these amazing physical specimens move like syrup slowly freezing. I understand this was due to PvP balance, but the player power fantasy is completely gone because of it.

EDIT: For the record, the new roll/dodge is fine. But the movement tied to it is still what feels terrible for me.

I was excited for horses but you can’t even have a thrall out with a horse out as well. So now we aren’t even good leaders from atop our horse, we just get to play around with mounted combat until we get destroyed by a boss. Once again, my player power fantasy is gone.

Just an aside: I love hard games. Souls, Sekiro, rogue likes, etc. This game DOES NOT have the mechanical deftness to “outplay” NPC’s and bosses regularly. Clipping, hitboxes, strange teleportation, NPC’s not following the same “rules” at times it seems, make it impossible to feel like we are on even footing.

I wish I could enjoy it, the game has amazing PvE potential with the loot, lore, and setting, but I just can’t handle it. If you enjoy it, great, I’m glad. I’m just venting my frustrations here. I hope the PvP crowd at least enjoys the update.

Good luck out there Exiles.


I’ve brought this up several times. It is a huge missed opportunity. I don’t see the purpose for mounts at all if you can’t use a Thrall when you get to your destination.

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Seriously? You can’t have a thrall and a mount at the same time? Sometimes I wonder what the devs are thinking. Well put, this is a serious lost opportunity.

Correct. It’s either a thrall, or a horse, but not both.

Yeah, they count like a thrall and use the same tethering mechanics. They also eat into your total follower hard cap since they count as a thrall. Pets, thralls, horses, are all considered “followers”.

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Its like some of us actually could see into the future and predict it to a ‘T’.

Or you know, just have plenty of experience with Funcom doing this same thing over and over and a repeat was guaranteed.

Specially considering Funcom was vocal about their changes and so many people tried to voice contention about the changes and the hell it would bring, and there goes Funcom walking straight into that pitfall despite all the warning…

I feel for you. I’m in your same boat.

They are not improving on the things that make the game good.

They just continue to add things to the game that break it and make the problems it already suffers from more complex.

This thrall leveling system was a joke from day one, we predicted as such from day one…

Now, with the release of the patch, we were proven we were right in our fears from day one…


The only thing irritating me is the sluggish running. Just getting around when building or moving between crafting stations is a slow drop annoyance.

Yeah, I saw the writing on the walls as well. I’m a fairly new player too and out of all of the survival sandbox games I still found Conan to have the most potential. But this just isn’t the direction it needs to go.

You hit the nail on the head, “They aren’t improving the things that make this game good”. I fear my days are numbered, and therefore my support (aka me spending money on it) is also over.

But, as I said, I know I may not be who this update is for. That’s fine. I just hope they appeased whoever the update was for, but I fear they didn’t accomplish that either.

This right here is the big kick in the pants. I know there are people chiming in that state they like the update (and more power to them) but who exactly was this for?

Due to the few positive comments, it was for some people, but largely, i just hear people upset with the patch. I have talked to people leaving the game because of this patch 10 to 1.

I have been on this game since green light and enjoyed it the entire time. The game was open and free enough that while I didn’t partake in everything, I did actually think the game was built for me and players like me.

With this one single devastating patch, Funcom essentially spit in the face of people like me that enjoy just building in general and told all of us that the game actually wasn’t meant for us, it was only meant for a select crowd that clearly left out much of the current player base.

Meanwhile, people are pouring their hearts out to Funcom regarding a game they love, and Funcom changes it from that, to something they don’t connect with, protested against, and much less fun for the addition of things that many people don’t want…

This patch alone was a critical hit to the faith that Funcom has any real idea of what they are doing and are just playing fast and loose with development long after release as big sweeping changes like this arn’t really viable at this point.

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This patch definitely has me second guessing the amount of time I’ve poured into this game this year. I have to decide whether to stick it out and see if they fix thrall stats, reverse bad changes, and smooth out the combat movement, fix the AI, fix legacy bugs, and actually develop a vision for this game. Otherwise it feels like they are tinkering around with an old car and making it worse, like not fixing the rust spots and tires that need air but painting flames on it and telling us all to get in. The worst is seeing people happily getting in and not demanding excellence.

I also feel like I had a good thing going before this patch. Like I had a house and dog and things were good. But one day there was a knock on my door and they killed my dog and told me I’m now a cat owner and gave me a cat. Some people like cats and some people like dogs, but you’re not going to get a consensus on which one is better. This patch was a lateral change imho, not an improvment.


A lateral change is pretty forgiving IMO. It most certainly lacked anything that could be considered a ‘improvement’.

Lateral change is generous. I’d lean on the side of the fence that this was a negative change. The additions were not needed. The huge changes that brought the problems and bugs we all knew were there was not needed. The really crappy movement change, for what reason in hell they thought was a good idea, was not needed and is actually a problem I didn’t foresee and is potentially nearly as damning as a tiny thrall cap in a bad trade off for the rest of this broken crap…

I swear, it always blows my mind when a company is overly obviously suicidal in their business practice, yet they charge head first into the burning wreckage anyways.

Its just such a let down as this was a good game. It deserved recognition and Funcom decided to develop backwards rather then forwards.

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Mounts should be their own class and separate from Thralls and pets. There needs to be a command to make the horse flee and then be able call it back similar to RDR2. I lost my first horse not 5 minutes after getting it raised when it tried to join a fight with a dire wolf. Horses should be scared of wolves and run away at the sight of them not try to fight along side of you.

I will give it time to really test/play with changes, but first impressions are that this is a different game now. Not a better game, just different. I’ll give it a lateral rating. If there are tons of more bugs and content just seems lackluster and everything seems even more of slog to get through the mundane tasks (like farming) due to movement changes, than yeah, I’ll change my opinion,agree with you, and probably move on.

I have to admit, part of my growing ire with Funcom and this damning patch is that my brand new conan server that was working as of last night with out issue is now refusing to even start due to the server struggling to update.

Keep getting errors of missing .DLLs…

Thanks Funcom.

My private server on gportal updated fine. My friends and I were on tonight to see what it was all about. We all had fun. Some hate the combat now because they aren’t able to solo things anymore until they figure out how everything works, but I’m ok with that.

Overall I think this is pretty cool.

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I’m on Gportal XBOX # 2996 NEW YORK, updated server 8:00 am I played all day and now I’m leveling my spotted spider to level 20, I liked everything and friends there too. :slight_smile::trophy::1st_place_medal::clap::hugs:

If FUNCOM doesn’t do anything new, these people complain, if they do something, they complain. :sleepy::man_facepalming::sloth:

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This is where I’m at. I simply see it as a different game, it really is basically Pokemon: Exiles at this point from a PvE standpoint. It’s just different, I’m just not comfortable with this direction overall if this is the way they go.

I feel I have to reiterate though; this update doesn’t seem to be for the PvE crowd. Horses are worse thralls, and the movement mechanics make outplaying NPC’s cumbersome and slow (and sometimes a crapshoot with the server/engine issues). Sure it’s still possible (I just soloed the beginner spider boss for testing), but “fun” is no longer a word I would use for it.

EDIT: Also my private server I host also updated fine. Was up for my friends and I within 30 min once I restarted it.

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