The best update ever


Thank you Funcom for that update,horse nerfed but animation skip is nerfed too and now pro players as they called themselves can’t use macro and rope skip and lose in fair fight.
P.S Now everybody have a chance to win in fair pvp,thank u very much and keep going like this!!!


But now the game has even more issues and you simply thank them
What a great community


List the issues, I’m really curios.

You gotta be kidding me.
-Now you cant use anyone else’s maproom,elevators etc.
-Now you can’t place a damn elevator and some people are stuck in their houses in pvp servers
-And that applies to all the other items of some mods so they are broken too(and no it is not mods or creators fault,the bug applies to everything)
-Sometimes when you die and try to loot your body quickly,it just doesn’t work
-Sometimes inventory boxes are just blank (not world boxes,your own boxes)
-Some people lost their bases and castles because of a terrain issue
-Thralls are not fighting as good as before,most of them don’t do combos and sometimes T-posing while following you
-Thralls get EVEN MORE STUCK to terrain or edges while the patch notes say they don’t
-NPC still disappear sometimes when you hit them and respawn somewhere else in the map
-There are some broken animations,emotes etc.
-Some bosses still don’t respawn where they should be
-Some thralls lost their physical integrity(some lost forearm width etc.)
-Some music bugs still exist(especially for siptah)
-Sometimes other players can’t use your “open” chests and interact with it in pvp

I mean I can keep counting and you can see most of these in forums,now instead of defending it, open your damn eyes and see how they’re destroying the game. The top 3 issues are the worst and sometimes game breaking depending on your situation.


you don’t have to answer each one of them,just check the bugs section in the forums.
I am not the only one saying these
You may not experience it now,but people are having a lot of trouble


This game is turning into 100% PvE.


and people who don’t play pvp like that guy up here can’t see the problems…



Lol my god I’m sick of seeing this dribble. Exactly how is ANY of these things good for pve?? Pve people never asked for any changes. Put your money where that mouth is and show me just one thread from a pve person asking for nerfs etc. when you do I’ll show you a hundred threads from pvp players whining and demanding change.


Just wanted to point out as I had this problem too…

Thrall arm issues aren’t the base game I don’t think. On my server multiple people didn’t have that problem and yet others did. When I tinkered around I found out it was mods that allow customization of thralls, any edited thrall had the problem. Unedited ones didn’t. We use Improved Quality Of Life and when I go into thrall customization settings the forearm size was on 0 for the ones having issues. Setting it to any positive value fixes the issue.

Mod issues are mod issues, not the developers fault. For things like using map rooms and boxes not displaying loot, sure.

Ya. The saddest part is it’s the casual pvpers asking for change and as usual every game caters to the casuals instead of the 1%.

Conan was fun until siptah. Ambrosia helped maintain the pvp but now without it and simple weapon wielding cancelling removed. game isn’t fun for group pvp anymore.

People can believe what they want but the truth of it is, is that pvp is in a worse state than it was prior to 2.4.

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It’s always the vocal minority that gets catered to. I’m not here to point out who that vocal minority is in this instance but it’s not pve players. I play both . Pve the changes have meant not much at all. Stack points into grit and vit and pve is good to go. Pvp I’m still on the fence. I’m struggling against multiple opponents but I’m not ready to write it off yet. There’s no FACT surrounding this. Everyone experiences things differently. I’ve seen at least a few pvp players that are happy with the changes, one mans trash is another’s treasure.

What’s 1% of one dollar again? oh yea, one penny. Newsflash genius, they are a business trying to make money.

Да ты дятел, они спам веревкой не пофиксили. Топором и мечем все так же спамится, а все остальные оружия понерфили своим замедлением анимации. Откуда вы такие высрались умные все

surely everyone should be equal no?, we also paid for this game therefore we deserve our aspect of the game refining, ive said this before but over 1 million people bought this game, 8-10k still play it, that makes you part of the 1%, use your head please

The game has less of the same issues(+2 New ones). You might want to rephrase that.

That has nothing to do with current Situation. The drop happend dramatically shortly after Early Access release in 2017. Because you were reaching a stale point quite quickly, the ones that remained Mainly remained because of the building system or simple Conan addicts(like me).

This is/was Funcom all the time, i do not want to bring Age of Conan back in discussion, but it is the truth. They released an unfinished product, it took the years to bring it back to the point where it could invenst hundreds of hours into a mmorpg. Same thing happend with Conan Exiles aswell, it took them years to make the game fun and not just a horrible Grind.

I have to say this to you too. Who gathers all the stuff you need in order to even be competitive in PvP? smell as a exploiter/dupper to me.

exploits and dupes don’t happen on private servers my dude, I wouldn’t touch official again if it meant saving my dad lol, on top of that it used to be easy to stay competitive all you needed was black blood tools and dragon bone weapons which were obtainable in an hour legit

These two seem to be actually issues.

This is a mod creator issue. You need to take it up with the mod author.

This didn’t work before as described, whether or not it works now is kind of a moot point. I know that they said it “should work now” but a lot of things “should work.”

Blank as in empty? Was the box full of modded items?

they warned about this happening. Explained it couldn’t be helped.

So they balanced thralls and pets? This is a non-issue.

People I play with haven’t had issues with thralls getting stuck on terrain, but thralls and pets teleporting everywhere.

So stop hitting them!! They’re npcs not hostiles.

quasi non-issue.

You don’t own them. The bosses can do whatever the heck that they want to do. Just like Sammy the Safety Reaper.

If you’re using a graphics mod, this is a them issue, not a funcom issue. I’ve not seen or had that issue befall people on my server.

an actual issue.

My gold coins are safe for another day.

Well… funcom is a company and company’s don’t have mouths.

they’re companies. Businesses.

This is an opinion, and a hyperbolic one at that.

Honestly it’s great they finally started updated on console and I’m general but the population on all platforms is horrible , it use to be filled with people playing last year compared to now. They really gotta make the game free for a couple of months get the population back it’s sad af