I'd really like to see combat improved

Combat is so laggy in this game, I’m used to games where you push the button and the character reacts.
In this game I hit the button and half the time my character just stands there and nothing happens.

If it does then it’s after a second delay that lets the combatant move in and block your next swing.
It would be great if it was a little more snappy.

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Yeah which platform, distance to server etc, i have no issues on my standard ps4

I’m on my xbox. I run into bugs sometimes, but haven’t had any lag problems on servers.

I’m on PC, and I find times when I can’t even get my character to swing, it’s not a lag thing it’s just the way it works, I’ve tried every kind of weapon, but it just feels like you can’t get a hit off.

It wouldn’t be so bad if they let you move around freely but you are stuck standing right in front of the NPC unless you use the dodge button which quickly depletes your stamina.

Even in heavy armor I seem to get interupted all the time.

I notice this all the time too. I just thought it was me overlooking some odd “cooldown” part of the combat system; but yes, it is very annoying spamming the dodge key to only have it take effect after the opponent’s attack connects.

The combat on PC is terrible. More often than not I’m standing directly in front of an enemy and missing. Then they teleport past you. This happens on single and multi play, so it’s not an internet lag issue. I’ve even run diagnostics on my high end rig just to be sure. It’s not my rig.
I guess all we PC gamers can do is hope there’s some good fixes with the patch they’ve recently put on the testlive servers.
It seems to vary a bit from player to player as some people report they don’t have issues, but the PC version is loaded with bugs and a lot needing fixed for many others. I know I’ve put in a couple of laundry lists of bugs from mine; single and multi player, since that big update two weeks before the 8th of May. Mine ran perfectly before that update.


Hey mike did u play 3027 pve official? Isle of moss?

Hi guys

I haven’t seen any improvement but I did try using a pike.
Because you don’t have to stand so close to use the pike you can use it more then once before you are blocked from striking.

I don’t like the visual appearance of using the pike because it’s so uninteresting but it does mow down the bad guys with ease.

I went and cleared the pirate ship and the camp north of it with ease and hardly got out of breath.

I’d still like to see combat with the sword and axe work better but between my Ancient Bow and my Ancient Pike it can kind of mow them down.

While the bow isn’t as effective as it used to be when 2 shots would put a NPC down, I can still take out two attacking fighters without shields before they get to me.

If they get past the bow the pike finishes them off.

Now I’m feeling like it’s too easy. LOL

Now my problem is that I can’t farm brimstone, I whack it, it breaks up, but nothing appears in my inventory.

It’s been that way for 3 days now, at least I have a couple of thousand steel bars made, but I’ll have to take care of them until it starts working again.

I"m level 53 now, so I’m closing in on max level, I’m starting to really think about what I spend my points on.


combat was fine maybe a bit bland but fine prior to the big rework… I honestly (maybe cuz all the myriad of bugs) can’t bring myself to like any of it… its worse for first person as enemies and you keep moving into each other with no control on it.
lots of what should have hit but still misses somehow.
I refuse to use the garbage that is the target lock and even that is broken as it seems to function and then 3rd or so attack slides right through to other side :confused:

and oh god archery was kinda ■■■ before but now I don’t even wana touch it.

I like the new combat system. It’s better than the old one. I think I saw that they are still working on it too.

Reply to Shadoza…

I’m using the pickaxe, and it always worked before, but maybe it isn’t getting the message correctly.

Next time I get in I’ll try different picks and see if that makes a difference.

I tried the Steel Pick and it worked, I also compared the Pick Axe to the Steel Pick and it appears that you get more Ore and Stone using the Steel Pick.

So the only real advantage is not having to carry both an Axe and a Pick.

I’m finding that using a Pike is more effective than using a Sword. I have high Bow skill, and it only takes a few arrows to take down an npc, if they get to me the
Pike makes quick work of them.

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