Returning after about a year, what has happened to combat?!

So I recently returned to the game after a about a yearlong break, and combat feels really… bad.
It’s never felt great but I don’t remember it being this terrible.
It seems like every npc stuns just by waving their weapons at my direction, mobs knocks me down constantly and very often nothing at all happens when I press attack (with stamina and ready stance)
Even quite lowlevels npc’s are quite a bother with the constant knockback and stutter attacks
Has there been some large changes to combat or do I misremeber this badly?

They’ve made some changes to how human and animal AI work. As far as I remember if you got hit you always staggered, so I don’t believe that has changed. What has changed though is the fact that human enemies now have immunity to staggers after a few hits, which has been an improvement overall. So its no longer possible to just stunlock enemies to death and never be hit, as now after about 3-4 hits the enemy will be immune to staggers.

As for why you don’t attack sometimes it might be because you are getting staggered? You can’t do anything but dodge if you are in a stagger so attacking won’t work. If its not that then I don’t know.

Also all human enemies use weapons and gain their effects (for the most part) just like a player will. So if an enemy is in the middle of a heavy attack they will have hyperarmor windows making them immune to CC, just like a player does.

There is still some jank here and there but IMO combat is pretty okay right now. They do need to touch up more on large hitbox enemies and some hitbox in general. The 3.0 update has some good improvements in animation and blocking that I’ve been testing. Much easier to block after an attack now as its quicker and more responsive letting you counter easier, and one of the perks in the new attribute system buffs shield even further by letting you attack after blocking an attack much faster too.

It is an adjustment, so just make sure when you are going to fight stuff you don’t just run in and get all the mobs on you and instead take a couple at a time and make sure to time your attacks so you aren’t hitting them when they have hyper armor.

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I don’t think I’m being staggered when nothing happens, nothing indicates it as far as I can see. It just seems like the character is contemplating the choices made.
edit. Just played somemore. must be a bug. same thing happens with the mitrascepter when I absolutely was not doing anything.
I’m at max level and suddenly Black Galleon is being not hard, but annoying to take a …uh…shopping run in due to all knockdowns and stuff from fairly isignificant level npcs.
I think there should probably be dimishing returns for enemies when they are lower level with staggering and knockdowns, Or skills to mitigate it. Feels weird to be maxlevel stronk and being knocked on the ass by a tiny spider :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t think I need to go over how I feel again, but you can gauge the general consensus here in the thread link below, but to answer your question directly, yes most of the things you mention above are due to changes to combat made by funcom: (in other words no stagger bug, just new combat)

There is absolutely some bug regarding mouseinputs going on. Happens quite often that nothing happens when clicking the mousebutton for combat or harvesting, always occuring when the target is an NPC or enemy, not trees or rocks etc.
(no, there’s nothing wrong with the mouse :stuck_out_tongue: )

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