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Following the last evolution I would like to propose a reflection on the solo/coop backups.
Conan remains a competitive and cooperative multiplayer game in essence.
The new rules of use for multiplayer on the official server encourage many to create the private server.

Currently the solo/coop mode remains in demand for optimization mainly on console and remains difficult to play in multiplayer because it is necessary to be synchronized in time between players to be able to join games;
If the host is unavailable, no game for other players.
However, our schedules are not always compatible.

So when you want to invest in a private server, which offers unrestricted connectivity and access, it is currently necessary to start a new character, constructions and the discovery of the Environment, which can generate certain fwaiver or frustration and demotivation.

Given the length that the development of a character and a clan can take for players, why not, if you haven’t already thought about it, propose the installation of a solo/coop backup when opening a private server

we can even imagine (dream) of a solo/coop game option of migrate on a private server, with or without synchronization in addition to the possibility of character transfer

So many solo players could transfer their creations and characters to an environment more adapted to multiplayer.

which could also open up commercial possibilities … for the development of the game

Thank you

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PC can do this already just copy the game.db over to the server.

I think it’s a good idea, console should get this ability also.


If I understand correctly…
I started my main solo game some time ago. Then I decide to hire a private server and everything I fixed in my solo game to copy paste in this hired server? This is what you’re asking for?

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yes, you are understand correctly, but in option in the game for a migration it’s better :wink:

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